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Special Bred Sale 1:00
Tri-State Livestock MCCOOK, NE
January 15th, 2021@1:00


49 blk hfrs-bred to blk Schurrtop Bulls-start calving Feb 7th-
------------------------------------------------------------------------------B & P Ruppert

40 blk hfrs, AI'd & turned out with clean up bull for 50 days-start
calving Feb 1st-------------------------------------------Heath & Jessica Bortner

40 blk hfrs-bred bwf-start calving Feb 1st for 60 days---Tim & Jake Krause

40 bwf 1st calf hfrs-bred blk-start calving March 1st-------------G & A Farms

30 blk hfrs-AI'd & turned out with blk low birth weight clean up bull-start
calving Feb 5th---------------------------------------------------------------Gohl Bros

22 blk 1st calf hfrs-AI'd & turned out with low birth weight clean up bull
for 30 days-start calving Feb 14th------------------------------Brad & Joel Schutz

20 blk hfrs-bred to Crooked Creek angus bulls-start calving Feb 5th for
45 days---------------------------------------------------------------------JAG Livestock


150 blk cows-20 2nd calvers, 20 3rd calvers, 20 4th calvers,
60 solid to short solid mouth, & 30 running age-bred to blk Power Genetics
Bulls-start calving Feb 15th----------------------------------Brad & Joel Schutz

80 blk cows-3 to 7 yr olds- bred blk-start calving mid March--Bob Stahly

80 red angus cows-2nd calvers to broken-bred red-start calving March 1st
for 60 days------------------------------------------------------------------------------KNC

50 blk cows-running age-bred bwf, blk hfrd, & hfrd bulls-start calving
Feb 1st-Safe-Guard & pinkeye shot----------------------------Tim & Jake Krause

25 bwf 2nd calvers-bred blk-start calving March 1st----------------G & A Farms

25 blk cows-running age-bred blk start calving March 1st--------------
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Joe & Lolita Metcalf

23 blk cows-broken mouth-bred sim angus-start calving March 10th-poured,
Scour Guard shot------------------------------------------Blaine & Tessa Stinson

21 blk cows-5 to 9 yr olds-bred blk-start calving March 1st----
----------------------------------------------------------------------Janice Hayes Estate

20 blk cows-4 yr olds to broken-bred blk-start calving March 1st--
--------------------------------------------------------------------Blickenstaff & Sons

18 blk cows-3 to 5 yr olds-bred blk-start calving March 30th-------
------------------------------------------------------------------------Gaylord Lawson

18 blk & red cows-short solid to broken-bred blk-start calving March 1st----
------------------------------------------------------------------Todd Anderson

13 corriente cows-4 yr olds to short solid-bred blk corriente-start calving
April 1st----------------------------------------------------------------Tyler Thieszen

11 blk cows-running age-bred blk-start calving March 25th-Tyler Ruf

10 blk cows-4 to 9 yr olds-bred blk-start calving Feb 15th for 75 days-
1st Guardian scour guard shot----------------------------------Eaton Cattle Co

9 blk cows-bred to Blackrose Angus bulls-start calving March 1st
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jim Stevens

6 blk cows-bred blk--------------------------------------------------------Steve Wilson

Date: January 15, 2021
Contact: Tri-State Livestock
Phone Number: 308-345-1493
Email Address:

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