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Weigh Cows/Bulls Bred Cow Special
9 Blk/Hereford Pairs Calves had 1st Round Shots,December Calves,Blk Cows have Blk Calves,& Hereford Cows have Hereford Calves

88 Blk Cows, 5-7 Yrs Old,Bred to Blk Angus Bulls in for 80 Days,Fall Vac Program

11 Blk Hfrts 1000#, VP, O/wChk, Home Raised
18 Char 1st Calf Hfrs 1100# Bred to LBW Red Angus Bulls, Start Calving End of Feb.,
Cake Broke, Calf hood Vaccinations, Fall Vac Program
6 Blk Bred Hfrs , AI'd for Feb 15th Calving, AI'd to Blk Bulls
18 Blk 1st Calf Hrfs, 1200#, Bred to LBW Black Angus Bulls, Start Calving March 1st
20 Blk/Red Bred Hfrs 600-700#, 2 Rounds of Shots

41 Baldy Red Angus X Cows Start Calving on March 5th,Bulls in with Cows on May 24th,
Fall Vaccination in Oct,Pour On,Virashield 6 VL5,Pilishield,8 Way
40 Blk Bred Cows, Short Term,Pred Chkd at Ranch, All are 5 & 6 Months Bred
6 Blk Cows Bred to Blk Bulls,Due to Calve March 1st
26 Blk Cows,Solid to Older,Bred to Registered Blk Bulls for March 1st Calving, Home Raised
71 Blk Cows,Solid Mouth,Bred to Blk Bulls
35 Blk Cows, Bred to Leachman Bulls, Start Calving March 10th, VP, Scour Guard
10 Mix Cows, Bred to Limo Bulls
5 Mix Bred Cows
6 BWF Cows, Bred to Blk Angus Bull, Virashield 6+VL5
30 Blk Cows, Bred to Blk Bull, VP, 8-10 yrs old
5 Blk Cows, Bred to Blk Bull, Running Age
10 Char/Blk/Red Cows, Bred to Registered Blk Angus Bull, Vision 7, Cattlemaster 6
12 Blk/BWF, Older Cows, Bred to Registered Blk Hereford Bull, End of March to 1st of April Calving,
No Hormones, No Antibiotics
55 Mostly Blk Bred Cows
11 Mix Bred Cows
5 Blk Bred Cows, Bred to Gabvieh/Angus/Balancer Bulls
7 Blk/RWF Cows, Bred to Blk Angus or Blk Simm. Bull, VP, Mineral Program
10 Blk Bred Cows
40 Bred Cows
2 Mixed Bred Cows
7 Mixed Bred Cows
4 Mixed Bred Cows
2 Blk Bred Cows
2 Blk/BBF Bred Cows
Date: January 14, 2021
Contact: Livestock Exchange
Phone Number: 9708425115
Email Address:

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