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SATURDAY, 1pm November 28th , 2020 Thanksgiving Breeding Stock Special Sale
SATURDAY, at 1pm
November 28th , 2020

Thanksgiving Breeding Stock Special Sale

Good selection of Breeding Bulls for this sale!!

1 hd. Purebred Simm Bull. 22 months old. AI'd out of CDI Innovator Grand Champion Bull out of Denver. Not recommended for heifers. Registration paper available. Onstot Simmentals

1 hd. Purebred Red Angus Bull. Will be 3 yrs old next month. Sire:Brown Synergy. BW 74#. Weaning 780#. Used on registered hfrs last 2 yrs. Vinton Red Angus

2 hd Red Angus Bulls. 3 yrs old. Duffy Family Farms. COMPLETE DISPERSION
3 hd Black Angus Bulls. 3 yrs old. Duffy Family Farms. COMPLETE DISPERSION

10 hd Fancy Sim/Angus Replacement Heifers, Big Broody females 750-850# 4 rounds of vaccinations. A top set of heifers! Dr. Darrell Till

22 hd Xbred. Running age cows. Bred to Black Sim/Angus bull. Bill Jackson

8 hd Red Angus/Tarentaise XBred. Running age cows. Bred to Sim/Angus or Red Gelv Bull. B. Jackson

43 hd Fancy Angus 5-8 yrs old. Big, Stout Cows bred to Blk Angus Bulls. Due to start calving March 25th for 65 days. Cedar Canyon Ranch

35 hd Bred Cows. 50% are Black/50% are Red & RWF. Bred to Red Angus bulls. 2 yrs - short solids. To start calving Feb 10th for 75 days. Taylor Dispersion

30 hd of Red Angus cows. Bred to Blk & Red Angus Bulls. To start calving Feb 20th. Complete vaccinations. Duffy Family Farms (bulls listed above)

29 hd Blk/BWF Hfrs. Bred to Herford bull. To start calving February 4th for 35 days. C&E Farms

90 hd Blk/ few BWF. 3 to 6 year-old cows. Bred to Black & Herford bulls. To start calving March 1st. C&E Farms

10 hd of fall calving cows with black and red calves at side. 5 are Black and 5 are BFW. They are 7 yrs old to broken mouth. Good big broody mommas. C Linhart

8 hd of fall pairs. Black cows black Aug-Sept calves at side. 5-7 yrs old. Humeston Livestock Exchange

7 hd Blk Bred cows. 6 hd are 8-10 yrs old and 1 hd is 5 yrs old. Due to calve March 22nd. With bull for 90 days. Bred to a Black bull. Home Raised! Never have been off farm!! Dave Offenburger

30 hd of Bred Cows. Mostly Blk / Few Reds. Bred to Blk Bulls. 3-6 yrs old. To start calving end of March. Daniel Gingrich.

8 Blk & Hereford 1st Calf Hfrs. Bred Blk & Hereford Bulls. To start calving Feb 20th-May 15th. GJL Farms

30 Bred Cows. 3yrs -broken mouth. Blk/few Red. To start calving March 1st for 75 days. Bred to Blk Bulls. GJL Farms

4 Pair. 1 CharX / 3 Black Cows with calves at side. Not exposed back. Dennis Murphy

5 hd of Bred Angus/AngusX Cows. 4-6 yrs old. Full vaccinations. Bred to TC Freedom Bull. To start calving in March. Mark Matlage

~more by sale time~
Next sale will be Tuesday December 1st: Slaughter/Fat Cattle followed by SPECIAL FEEDER CALF SALE

Field Representatives:
Doug Wright : Manager/Auctioneer 641-328-4970
Dusty Horton: Yard Manager 563-412-9557
Bill Applegate: 641-344-1201
Art Snider: 641-777-6413
Doug Head: 641-344-3819
Scott Prunty: 641-344-6683
Bruce Brockway: 515-979-6991
Date: November 28, 2020
Contact: Humeston Livestock Exchange LLC
Phone Number: (641)877-6092
Email Address:

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