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Special Stock Cow Sale
907 NW 3rd Street Plainville, KS 785-688-4080
Saturday, November 21st @ 12:00pm
Special: Stock Cow Sale
Bred Cows
72 Red Angus Bred Cows, 2015-2016 models, bred to Cross Diamond Red Angus bulls
or Horned Hereford, off complete dispersal, Feb. 10th -55 days
66 Black Bred Cows, 3 yr olds, bred angus, complete vac, Feb. calve
65 Red Bred Cows, 3-7 yr olds, bred to Dix Angus bulls, Feb. 15th start calve
30 BWF Bred Cows, 3-8yr olds, bred to Bar S Angus bulls, Feb. 5th calve, complete vac,
52 Black Bred Cows, 3-broken mouth, bred to angus bulls
15 Black/BWF Bred Cows, 4-7 yr olds, Bred Sim Angus, big gentle cows, March 1st calve
100 Black Bred Cows, 7-older, bred black, Feb.-April calve
50 Black/Red Bred Cows, 5-older, bred black, April calve
45 Black/Red Bred Cows, 5-older, bred red
40 Black Older Bred Cows, bred to Lazy H Charolais bulls, Feb.-March calve
23 Black/Rd Bred Cows, 5-9 yr olds, bred to River Creek Ang. black angus bulls, start calving Dec.
9 Black Older Spring Bred Cows, bred blk
9 Black Older Bred Cows, Feb.-March calvers
Bred Heifers
43 Black Bred Heifers, AI bred to New Addition Angus, Feb. 12th calve, complete vac, 1 Ranch Origin, 1050-1100
40 Black Bred Heifers, AI’d to New Addition 608, cleaned up with Green Garden Angus, Feb. 10-60 days calve
100 Black Bred Heifers, bred to Benoit Angus, to start calving February
50 Red Ang. 1st calf Bred Heifers, bred to LBW red ang. Blls, Feb. 20th calve, complete vac/poured,
One Iron South Dakota origin, fancy
55 Red Bred Heifers, AI’d to ABS Profitmaker & cleaned up with LBW Red Ang. Bulls, Feb. 20 start calve
20 Bwf Bred Heifers, Quanz, Ranch origin, complete vista, vl5, back poured, 1100#, Feb. 20th
20 Hereford Bred Heifers, AI’d to New Addition, Feb. 15th calve
29 Hereford Bred Heifers, AI’d to C-Bar Red Angus bulls, March 10th -40 days calve
40 Black Pairs, 4-7 yr olds, tagged to match, blk/char calves, calves have been worked
27 Blk/Charx Fall Cow Pairs, 3-older
20 Black/Red pairs
6 Black Pairs, 5-older
6 Black Pairs, smooth mouth-older
1 Black Pair, 6yr old, 2 month old calf with black leg and alpha 7 shots
1 Black Young Heifer pair
MORE TO COME: Check our website for updated list
FOR MORE INFO: Brandon Hamel 785-434-6280 Landon Schneider 785-259-3234
**Screwloose BBQ Truck Will be parked at the sale barn Saturday, selling BBQ meals from 11:00-close**
Date: November 21, 2020
Contact: Brandon Hamel
Phone Number: 785-434-6280
Email Address:

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