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Fort Pierre LivestockWednesday, Oct 21st

Bill Kluck, 270 B,Bwf (front end) 400-500
Brian & Shane Barber, 240 Ang (front end) 400-500
Art Beringer Ranch, 225 Blk, few Red strs 450-575
Larry Ness, 200 Blk 500-550
Bart Kissack, 165 Ang strs 450-550
Ben Sharp, 150 Blk (Triangle S genetics) 525-575
Cliff Valburg, 120 Ang strs 575-625
Raymond Longbrake, 120 Blk (Schiefelbein & Jorgenson genetics) 500-550
Bart Bierman, 115 Blk strs 525-600
Benny Bachand, 100 B,Bwf 450-550
Darren & Amber Krogman, 100 B,Bwf 475-550
Dakota Winds Ranch, 90 Ang strs (10 hfrs) 400-500
John Farmer, 90 B,Bwf 450-550
Long Ranch, 66 Blk (DF) 450-550
Dennis & Colton Meier, 35 Blk 450-550
Plus more packages & part loads of drop in clvs, lots of 3 & low 4 wts.

Friday, Oct 23rd Special Calf & Yrlg Sale
Over 8500 to 9000 High Quality Cattle
Yrlg 8:30 AM SHARP Clvs approx. 10:30 AM CT

Saturday, Oct 24th - Special Weighup Sale 9 AM CT

Wednesday, Oct 28th Special Blk Hided Clf Sale
4500-5000 or more High Quality Calves 12 Noon CT

Keep supporting R-Calf. They are working for you. If you would like money held out of your check for R-Calf, just let the office know

To All of the Sellers & Buyers - Thanks For Your Business!!!
Date: October 21, 2020
Contact: Ft Pierre Livestock Auction
Phone Number: (605) 223-2576
Email Address:

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