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Quentin and Tonya Simmons
-100 steers, 600-650#
-76 heifers, 500-550#
Home raised
Birth - Autogenous Red, Alpha 7
Branding - Vision 7 w/ Somnus, Ralgro in steers only
Weaning - Autogenous Bacterin, Pyramid 5, Ivermec pour on, Ralgro in steers only
December - heifers Bangs vaccinated, no implants in heifers

Fonte Land and Cattle
-200 black/black baldy steers and heifers, 650-750#, steers are implanted, long time weaned, vaccinated at birth, spring and fall

Jeremy Juhnke
-83 black/bw face steers and heifers, 675-750#, no implants, weaned October 1
branding and weaning - Vision 7, Titanium 5

Bob Loyd
-15 black heifers, 700#, no implants, vaccinated, weaned October 15

Theron and Riley Shaffer
-69 Red Angus/Charolais steers and heifers, 600-675#, no implants

Cory Zion
-50 steers and heifers, black, 500#, no implants, weaned October 1,
Branding and weaning- ViraShield 6 and 7 Way

Gloria Toyne
-80 black steers and heifers, long time weaned, vaccinated, no implants, running on wheat pasture, 575-650#

Sam Peters
-35 head, mixed heifers and bulls, 200-500#, no implants

Sam Bryant
-90 head, mostly black, steers and heifers, long time weaned, spring and fall vaccinations

Jeff Gallegos
-10 steers at 675#, Charolais cross
-7 hfrs black and Charolais cross at 600#
Branding shots: Pyramid 5,Vision 7 Somnus
Ralgro to strs only
Weaning shots: Pyramid 5 + Presponse, Vision 7 Somnus, Ivermectin Pour On
Weaned November 8th

John Archer
-38 steers
-37 heifers
Mixed, 600-650#,
August 24 - Titanium 5, Autogenous Bacterin implant, Vision 7, generic Ivermec inject, Clean-up pour on
September 23 - weaned, Pyramid 5 w/ Presponse, AB foot rot
Bunk broke, electric fence

Rusty Wire Ranch
120 - 500-600# black angus steers
Weaned October 31st
Branding, vision7 w/spur bovishild gold 5
Weaning, vista once dectamax injectable vision 7 with spur

Jim Gillis
-38 mixed steers and heifers 550-650#,
Branding - Vision 7 with Somnus and BoviShield Gold 5
no fall shots, coming off the cow

Stephen A. McGee
31 mixed colored steers, bulls and heifers, 450-650#
Branding - Vision 7 with Somnus, BoviShield Gold 5
No fall shots, 45 days weaned

Date: January 19, 2021
Contact: Tri-State Livestock Exchange
Phone Number: (970) 332-4873
Email Address:

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