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Josh Archer
-1 black, 1 black brockle, bull calves, 4-6 weeks old, coming off the cow Tuesday morning

Dwight Brown/Beau Brown
6 black calves, 450#

Dick Gelvin
-61 steers, black and red, 850-900#, vaccinated, poured

Ray Ptomey
-40 black steers and heifers, vaccinated, no implants, heifers guaranteed open, 700-800#, never had grain

Don Bueltell
-9 black steers, 700-800#

Jeff Gallegos
-25 black/black brockle, steers (Ralgro) and heifers(no implants and guaranteed open), 750-800#

Gary Adler
-1 open black heifer, 800#

Felipe Ponce
-5 steers, 1 heifer (guaranteed open), mixed, 800-900#

Leroy Deterding
-11 steers, red and black, 850#
Date: September 29, 2020
Contact: Tri-State Livestock Exchange
Phone Number: (970) 332-4873
Email Address:

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