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Special Bred Cows, Pairs, & Breeding Bulls Auction, Weigh Ups 9 a.m.
Bassett Livestock Auction - Wednesday, October 21, 2020 - Special Bred Cows, Pairs, & Breeding Bulls Auction

9 a.m. Weigh Ups - Noon Bulls, Pairs, & Bred Cows

Bred Cows:
33 blk 9 yr old-broken mouth cows - bred to blk bulls - calve Apr 1 for 60 days - Keith & Kurt Ammon (402-760-0992)

80 mostly blk, few red 2-4 yr old cows with bwf calves - Walking X Ranch (701-321-0672)

50 blk 2nd cf-running age pairs - Caleb Jensen (308-880-1252)

31 blk young-running age pairs - Cox Cattle Co (605-319-0939)

30 blk 3-6 yr old cows with Aug calves - Lowery Land & Livestock (308-750-6119)

15 blk solid mouth pairs with Aug-Sept calves - Shelly Kelly

12 blk 3 yr old pairs - Mike Wickersham

10 blk ang 1st cf hfr pairs with Aug calves - Kirk Bruns

7 red 3 yr old pairs - Lemoyne Dailey

7 blk 3-6 yr old pairs - Brian Munger

6 blk 3-5 yr old pairs - Derek Kenner

5 blk running age pairs - Jim Schoenberg

Breeding Bulls:
2 registered ang coming 3 yr old bulls - Hall Ranch (Ed 402-822-0206/Les 402-822-0155)

Several pkgs of 5-40 head of bred cows & pairs with more listings by sale time.
Date: October 21, 2020
Contact: Bassett Livestock
Phone Number: (888) 684-0584
Email Address:

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