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Yearling/ Calf Special
60 Blk Hfrs 850-950# O
30 Blk Strs 650#
30 Blk Hfrs 650#
120 Mostly Blk Yrling Strs 850# Coming off Grass
20 Blk Yrlngs Strs 850#
15 Blk Yrlngs Hfrs 850# Gtd O
20 Blk Str/Hfrs 550-600# AN
22 Blk & Char Strs/Hfrs 500-675# Eating hay with Cows, Sired by Cardinal Char Bulls
5 Corriente Str/Hfrs 500-650#
30 Mixed Strs/Hfrs 500#
22 Char X Hfrs 500-550# VP,PC
25 Blk & Red Angus Str/Hfrs 500-550# Spring & Fall Shots
23 Red Strs/Hfrs 400# VP,PC,Strs Have Implants
30 Red LImo Strs/Hfrs 475-525# Weaned 4+ Weeks, VP,PC,Been on Grass
95 Blk Strs/Hfrs 475-575# VP,PC,Eating Hay with Cows
5 Blk Strs/Hfrs
50 Mostly Blk Str/Hfrs 500# VP,PC
2 Blk Angus Hfrs 450-550# Spring Shots, Weaned 21 Days
2 Blk Angus Strs 450-550# Spring Shots, Weaned 21 Days
9 Blk Strs/Hfrs 400-650# O,NI,Spring & Fall Vaccinations,Eating hay with Cows, Sired by Blk Angus Bulls
50 Mixed Str/Hfrs 350-500# Weaned 30 Days, Spring Shots, O ,NI,Bunk Broke, Electric Fence Broke
Date: October 23, 2020
Contact: Livestock Exchange
Phone Number: (970) 842-5115
Email Address:

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