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Special Feeder Cattle, Bred Cows, & Pairs Auction, Weigh Ups 9 a.m.
Bassett Livestock Auction - Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - Special Feeder Cattle, Bred Cows, & Pairs Auction

9 a.m. Weigh Ups - Noon Feeders, Bred Cows, & Pairs

50 blk strs & hfrs 700-750 Ivan Phillips

50 blk young-running age cows - bred to blk bulls - calving now til Jul 1 David Wright

30 blk-bwf 3 yr old-broken mouth cows - bred to char bulls - calve Aug 25 for 60 days Tim & Penni Shaw & Sons

25 blk, few bwf 3-7 yr old cows - bred to blk bulls - calve Aug 20 for 60 days Ben & Lynn Kartak

14 blk-red young-running age pairs with Mar calves Sam Coulter

12 blk mostly 5-6 yr old pairs with Apr calves Tabby Cornelius

8 blk 2nd cf-running age cows - bred to blk bulls - calve Aug 25 for 30 days Pat Kennedy

Several pkgs of 5-40 head of feeders, bred cows, & pairs with more listings by sale time.
Date: May 27, 2020
Contact: Bassett Livestock
Phone Number: (888) 684-0584
Email Address:

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