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Ft Pierre Livestock.. Saturday, Feb 15th

Bred Hfrs
Leonard & Nathan Sell Disp, 120 HR Ang hfrs, bred LBW Ang, clf 3-1 (2-21 day intervals) (cake broke)

Bart Kissack, 82 HR Angus hfrs,bred LBW Broken Arrow & Diamond Angus, 52 hd clf 3-17 (21 days) & 32 hd clf 4-7 (21 days) (cake broke-gentle)

Roy Iversen, 100 Ang hfrs, bred LBW Slovek Ang, bros Fortitude sons, clf 4-9 (20 days) Plus, 8 Rwf hfrs, AId Red Rock Red Ang & bred LBW Blk Ang, clf 3-10 (short intervals)

Tom & Brandon LaRosh Disp, 80 HR B,Bwf hfrs, bred LBW Cedar Wind 1044 Ang, 54 hd clf 3-24 (45 day) 26 hd clf 5-10 (45 day)

Steve Kittleson, 120 Blk hfrs, 50 hd AId Justify (1 day) clf 3-15 & 70 hd bred LBW Kahnke Angus, clf 4-1 (15 day intervals)

Jesse Graber, 70 HR Blk hfrs, bred LBW Jorgenson Angus, clf 4-1 (15 day intervals) no brands

Jesse Graber, 19 Red hfrs, bred LBW Jorgenson Angus, clf 4-1 (15 day intervals)

Jerry Bieber Calving Disp, 24 Blk hfrs, bred Hereford & Ang, clf May 20th (40 days)

Joe Carley, 15 HR Ang hfrs, bred LBW Rafter U Cross Ang, clf 4-10 (50 days) (sell in cow disp)

Bred Cows
Joe Carley Complete Disp of 3s & up, 234 Outstanding mostly HR Angus cows (coming 3s -8s) bred Fortune Rafter U Cross Ang, clf 4-10 (50 days)

Neyens D & D Complete Disp, 150 B,Bwf cows (coming 3s to BM) bred Risse & Fortune U Lazy U Ang, clf 3-25

Jared Sherwood Bad Nation Complete Disp, 200 Fancy Angus, few Bwf cows (4-BM) bred Ang, clf 4-1 (60 days)

Tom & Brandon LaRosh Age Disp, 230 B,Bwf cows (6-10s) bred Garrigan Angus, 156 hd clf 3-24 (45 day) 74 hd clf 5-10 (45 day)

Jerry Bieber Calving Disp, 60 Blk cows (coming 3s to 8s) bred Hereford & Ang, clf May 20th (40 days)

D Iversen/Sons, 45 big HR PB Ang BM cows (1500) bred Ang, clf 4-1

Keegan Ranch, 22 B,Bwf (6-SM) bred Blk clf 3-25

West River, 20 Blk & Red Angus cows (3-5s) bred Wilken Angus, clf 3-15

Dan Weber, 15 Red cows (4-SM) bred Schaack & Reppe Ang, clf 4-17 (60 days)

Bill Brunskill, 10 HR Ang cows, (4 to 8s) bred Ang, clf 3-28 (55 days)

Alvin & Morgan Veit, 14 Blk BM cows, bred Lindskov-Thiel Char, clf 4-1

Duane Wager, 8 Red & Blk cows (SM-BM) bred Red, clf 4-2 (60 days)

John Schrempp, 7 Blk & Red BM cows, bred Char, Red & Blk, clf 3-28

Kelly Schrempp, 1 Blk cows (4) bred Red, clf 3-28

Plus more packages & part loads of drop in bred cattle.

Friday, Feb 21st - Special Grass, Feeder & Replacement Hfr Sale
4000 to 5000 or more High Quality Clvs & Yrlgs 10 AM CT

Saturday, Feb 22nd Special Bred Cow & Hfr Sale & Weighup Sale

Keep supporting R-Calf. They are working for you. If you would like money held out of your check for R-Calf, just let the office know

To All of the Sellers & Buyers - Thanks For Your Business!!!
Date: February 15, 2020
Contact: Ft Pierre Livestock Auction
Phone Number: (605) 223-2576
Email Address:

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