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Feb. 6 Consignment List
Burlington Livestock Exchange
Exp. 1000 head ` Bred Cow and Hfr special 1:00 mt
Dave Marx 48 red ang hfrs - due 3/1 bred to red angus bulls.

Larry McArthur 160 ang & red ang cows; 3-8 yrs old, due 3-25
Chuck Clapper 160 angx cows; 3 to solid, AI Bred for April,clean up for 60 days
Kerry & Shawna Hartshorn 97 short term cows; due 3-20
Gary Withington 83 angx cows 6-10 yrs old, due 3-15 to angus bulls
John Buol 50 angx cows; 7-9 yrs old, bred to angus bulls
Charles Schulte 40 agnx cows; solid to short term; bred to blk bulls
Steve Herman 37 ang cows 3-8 yrs old, due 3-15
Virgil Kochis 35 angx cows; 6-10 yrs old due April
Les Hopson 30 short term cows
Lawn & Todd Thompson 30 angx cows; short term, bred to blk bulls
Gary Hill 22 short term cows; due 3-10
William Ewing 15 short term cows
Dennis Easton 10 angx cows; solid to short term, due 3-1 to blk bulls
Ron & Diane Gramm 10 angx cows; short term
Date: February 6, 2020
Contact: Burlington Livestock Exchange
Phone Number: (719) 346-8900
Email Address:

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