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Special Bred Cow/Hfr & Hay Sale
NOT in sale order
Weigh-Ups 9:00 Hay 12:00 Bred Cattle 12:30
Cookie Sponsor: Reindl Quarter Horses & Red Angus
1 load 1st ctg alfalfa
4 loads 2nd ctg alfalfa
4 loads 3rd ctg alfalfa
13 loads grass

Joe Ishmael 70 blk & bwf bred HR hfrs bred LBW angus Feb 15th
A complete dispersion of 140 blk 3-SM cows bred blk & Hereford early calvers
Kreinbuhl Ranch 120 blk & bwf SM-BM cows bred blk or Hereford Mar 23rd
Best Ranch 70 blk SM & BM cows bred blk Mar 1st
Monte Linabery 25 blk & bwf HR bred hfrs bred blk Jan 25th for 45 days
Ken Kahler An age dispersion of 30 blk SM & BM cows bred blk (Raven Angus) Mar 1st
Larry & Marty Ryno An age dispersion of 40 blk SM & BM cows bred blk Mar 12th
Luke Kovarik 23 blk bred hfrs bred to Upstream Rand & Cooper Ranch Hereford Mar 1st for 30 days ~ 1 iron
Bolton Ranch
Fenenga Ranch 60 blk hfrs bred blk ~ 1 group Feb 10th-Feb 25th & another group Feb 26th-Mar 11th
DeMers Ranch LLC 11 blk BM cow bred blk sim x Apr 15th
Cory Hossle 7 blk SM & BM cows bred blk Mar 20th for 65 days
Casey Krogman 15 blk & bwf mxd aged cows bred blk Mar 25th
Bart Diekmann 12 blk SM & BM cows bred blk Mar 10th
Shannon Luse 20 blk BM cows bred blk Feb 20th
Corey Audiss 20 red ang BM cows bred red ang - Apr 1st
More cattle by sale time.

Date: January 17, 2020
Contact: Winner Livestock Auction
Phone Number: (605) 842-0451
Email Address:

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