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Tuesday, January 14th Auction
Special Breeding Cattle Auction
9:00 a.m. Slaughter Cattle
10:30 a.m Fat Cattle
12:00 Noon Breeding

Bred Heifers
50 Blk Hfrs, AI Bred to Hikock, calve Feb. 9th - Doug OHare 402-760-1296
35 Home-raised Angus Hfrs, AI Bred to Black Granite, calve March 10th Ehlers Ranch 402-340-5594
22 Home-raised Angus Bred Hfrs, Bred to LBW Angus, calve February 15th, 75 days Dick Pongratz
20 Bwf few Blk Bred Hfrs, AIs Bred Angus Sons of Payweight 1682, calve March 10, 45 days Chris &
Michelle Tomjack - Pending
19 Blk Bred Hfrs, (10 hd AI Bred to Subzero, calve March 10th; 9 hd Bred to LBW Angus Bull,
calve March 25th, 30 days) Ed & Wes Kilmurry 402-340-4225
10 - Blk/Bwf Bred Hfrs, Bred LBW Angus Bulls, calve Feb. 15th, 30 days Sobotka Cattle & Hay
8 Blk/Bwf Bred Hfrs, Bred Hereford Blk , calve March 1st, 60 days Dean Sidak 402-340-5765

Bred Cows
135 Complete Dispersion, Home-raised Angus 4 yr old to Running Age Cows, Bred to Straka Angus
Bulls, calve March 10th, 90 days Dale & Cathy Sidak 402-340-4265
50 Blk 7 yr old to broken mouth Cows, Bred to McCarthy Angus Bulls, calve March 1st, 90 days
LeRoy & Maxine McCarthy 402-832-5575
32 (10 Blk/Bwf 2nd calf Hfrs: 22 Blk cows 3 to 6 yr old) Bred Blk Hereford, calve March 1st, 60 days
Dean Sidak 402-340-5765
30 Bred Cows (20 hd young Blk Cows, 10 hd Red Running Age Cows), Bred to Red Angus, calve
February 25th, 70 days Aaron, Timmeree, & Austin Gadeken 402-929-0506
20 Blk/Red 4-5 yr old Cows, Bred to Blk or Red Angus, calve March 15th, 60 days Kevin Schrunk
15 Blk/Bwf Solid to Broken mouth cows, Bred Angus or Hereford, calve March 15th, 45 days
Sobotka Cattle & Hay 402-340-5704
8 Blk/Blk baldy running age cow, Bred Blk or Hereford, calve March 20th
Jim & Tom Liewer 402-775-2106

Video Auction
40 Angus Bred Hfrs (Originated from Warren Funk), Bred to LBW Carter Angus Bulls, calve February
15th, 50 days, delivered to ALM January 15th-January 19th Craig Johnson 402-649-5714
30 Angus Bred Hfrs, Bred to LBW Angus Bulls, calve March 6th, 28 days, Buyer sort from 55 hd,
delivery January 15th-January 25th Harold Burkinshaw 402-340-4800

Date: January 14, 2020
Contact: Atkinson Livestock Market
Phone Number: (402) 925-5141
Email Address:

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