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Jordan Cattle Auction
Tri-County Stockyards
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Special: Stock Cow & Replacement Female Sale
Special: Stock Cow & Replacement Female Sale

Saturday, January 25th @ 1pm
Expecting 950 Head

Bred Heifers
40 Black Bred Heifers, Feb. 15th start calve, AId to KD Solution & 6 Logo Bulls, Bull bred to LBW Wilson bulls 1250#
30 Black Bred Heifers, March 1st calve, 1,100+ lb. bred Angus
45 Red Angus Bred Heifers,March 1st-14 days calve, AId to Andras Fusion Red Angus Bulls, S. Dakota origin

Bred Cows
180 Black Bred Cows, 5-broken, February calvers, bred char/blk Dispersal
98 Black Bred Cows, 4,5,6 yr. olds, March 5th calve, bred to Char big stout
80 Black Bred Cows, all ages, Spring calvers
33 Black Bred Cows, 3-4 yr. olds, Spring calvers
26 Black Bred Cows, 5-6 yr olds, March 15th calve, Bred back to fancy Schaaf Angus Bull
20 Black Bred Cows, 3 yr olds, Feb. 25th calve date, Bred black Dvorak
15 Black Bred Cows, 7-8yr olds, March 15th calve, bred to black bull, S. Dakota origin
70 Black Bred Cows, solid-older, March 10th start calve, bred to polled Hereford bulls
25 Black/Red Bred Cows, 3-7 yr. olds, Feb.-March calvers
16 Red/Black Bred Cows, Spring calvers
16 Red/Black Bred Cows, Spring calvers
70 Black/Red Older Bred Cows, Spring calvers
20 Red Older Bred Cows, Feb. 15th calve date, bred black
15 Red Older Bred Cows, Feb. 15th calve date, bred char
7 Black/Red Bred Cows, Heavy Bred, bred to Red/Black Bulls

115 Black Fall Pairs, 3-6 yr. olds, 300# charx worked calves, Bred back to Fink char bulls Dispersal
5 Black Fall Pairs, solid-older
1 Red Pair, 140# calf

For more information call:
Brandon Hamel 785-434-6280/Landon Schneider 785-259-3234/Payton Dewey 785-404-8060
For updated list visit :

Plainville FFA will be serving BBQ Beef Sandwich Meal
Date: January 25, 2020
Contact: Heartland Regional Stockyards, Inc.
Phone Number: (785) 688-4080
Email Address:

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