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February 18, 2020
Expecting 1,200 Head

10:30 Weigh-ups & Breds
150 Weigh ups

12:30 Stockers Feeders
70 blk/rd st/hfr 500-700 oc/pc

130 blk hfrs 725-775 w/pc
127 blk/bwf hfrs 685-725 w/pc
71 r/b/c hfrs 685-725 w/pc
66 r/b/c hfrs 685-725 w/pc
65 blk hfrs 575-625 w/pc
63 red strs 700-775 w/pc
35 blk/bwf st/hfr 450-600 w/pc
12 blk st/hfr 600-700 w/blk leg
5 rd/blk st/hfr 600-700 w/pc
2 rd/blk hfrs 600-700 w/pc

65 blk/rd hfrs 750-800 w/pc
25 blk/charx hfrs 875-925 w/pc/po
180 blk strs 775-800 w/pc PENDING
70 blk hfrs 575-625 w/pc PENDING

OC: off the cow W:weaned (at least 30 days)
PC: spring & fall shots(ibr,bvd,brsv,7-way) SS: spring shots(7way & 4-5way )
OG :off grass NAT :all natural affidavit available (no feed additives, no antibiotics, no implants)
PO: Pregged Open

For more information call:
Brandon Hamel 785-434-6280/Landon Schneider 785-259-3234/Payton Dewey 785-404-8060
Visit our website at:

750 Head Cow Sale Sat. Feb. 22nd

Lunch Special
Homemade Smothered Steak
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy
Corn and Brownies $9.00
Date: February 18, 2020
Contact: Heartland Regional Stockyards, Inc.
Phone Number: (785) 688-4080
Email Address:

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