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Bred Cows

200 – Complete Dispersion of Angus cows, Blk 3rd calvers to running age, bred Angus, calve Feb. 10th, 90
days – Ed Kilmurry
70 – Complete Dispersion, Blk & Bwf bred cows, running age, calve Feb 25th, bred Angus/Simm X–
Easton Ertz
50 – Blk bred cows, 2nd calvers to 6 years old, bred Angus & Hereford, calve March 10th – Glen & Sarah
40 – Blk running age cows, bred Angus, calve Mar. 1st, 75 days – Don & Jeff Pokorny
34 – Blk & Red Angus running age cows, bred Angus & Sim Angus bulls, calve March 25th, 68 days –
Donna Coburn
20 – Blk & Bwf shorterm bred cows, bred Angus, calve March & April – Neil Tompkins

Bred Heifers
450 – Blk (150 AI’d to MSAR High Five, calve January 10th, 30 days; 150 bred to High Five Sons, calve
Feb 10th, 30 days; 150 bred to High Five Sons, calve Mar. 10th, 30 days) – Todd & Stephanie
60 - Blk hfrs, home raised (30 AI’d to Subzero, calve Mar. 1st; 30 bred LBW Angus bulls calve March
20th, 30 days – Ed Kilmurry
50 – Blk Angus bred hfrs, AI’d to Counselor, Bankroll, Comrade & Chaps, cleanup w/ LBW Angus Bulls,
calve Mar. 1st – Bert Straka
45 – Blk ( 30 AI’d to MSAR High Five, calving January 10th, 30 days; 15 bred to High Five Sons, calve
Feb 10th, 30 days – Steve Anson
23 – Red Angus bred hfrs, (18 AI’d bred to Leading Edge, calve Mar 10th; 5 bred to Leading Edged son,
Mar. 20th, 20 days) – Wes Kilmurry
6 – Bwf F1 bred hfrs, home raised, AI’d bred to Subzero, calve March 10th – Wes Kilmurry

Fall Pairs
34 – Blk & Red Angus Fall Pairs with Char. calves, 1st calf to running age, exposed back to Angus & Sim
Angus bulls Nov. 8th, calves have been worked – Donna Coburn
18 – Blk 3rd & 4th calvers with blk calves, exposed back to Angus bull – Tom Harte

Date: December 3, 2019
Contact: Atkinson Livestock Market
Phone Number: (402) 925-5141
Email Address:

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