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Mobridge Livestock Market: -Weigh-ups 9am Followed by Special Grass Cattle and Bangs Vaccinated Heifer Sale at 11.
Thursday, April 2, 2020- Weigh-ups 9am Followed by Special Grass Cattle and Bangs Vaccinated Heifer Sale at 11.

Don Houck Brand For Sale: D over H Right Hip Horses

Tishmach/Dietz- 310 Blk/Bwf Strs, HR, SFS, NI, Weaned, 625-825 lbs.
& 210 Blk/Bwf Fancy HR BV Hfrs, SFS, NI, Weaned, 650-775 lbs.
Hatzenbuehler Ranch- 360 Blk HR Replacement Hfrs, Few Strs, SFS, NI, Weaned, 625-775 lbs.
Vander Wal Ranch- 200 Blk Strs, SFS, HR, NI, Weaned, 550-700 lbs.
& 100 Blk Hfrs, SFS, HR, NI, Weaned, 500-650 lbs.
Koenig-330 CharX Strs, Home Raised, NI, SFS, 900-1100 lbs.
Frank-125 Red & Blk Strs & Hfrs, Shots, Poured, 600-675 lbs.
Anderson-100 Blk Angus Strs & Hfrs, Home Raised, Shots, Poured, 550-650 lbs.
Thorstenson-80 Blk SimmAngus Bwf Hfrs, SFS, Home Raised, NI, 800-850 lbs.
Ottmar-70 Blk Angus Strs, 3 Rounds of Shots, Poured, Home Raised, 700-750 lbs.
Thomas Ranch-55 Red Angus Strs, Home Raised, SFS, 550-700 lbs.
Volzke-50 Blk Simm/Ang Bangs Vacc, Home Raised Hfrs, 700-750 lbs.
Nauman-45 Blk/Bwf Strs & Hfrs, SFS, NI, 450-600 lbs.
Broken Heart Ranch-30 Red Angus Strs & Hfrs, Home Raised, Shots, 650-750 lbs
Bailey-24 Blk Bangs Vacc Replacement Quality Hfrs, 650-750 lbs.
Rose-18 Blk Angus Home Raised Hfrs, Shots, NI, 475-525 lbs.
Kapperman-15 Blk Strs & Hfrs, SFS, 650-750 lbs.
Plus many more by sale time.

Date: April 2, 2020
Contact: Mobridge Livestock Market
Phone Number: (605) 845-3622
Email Address:

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