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Good morning from ELM!!! We are very excited to bring you a very nice run of cows today!! Sale starts at noon! Hope to see you then!!


Rodney Semrad
Registered Black Angus Bred Females

Jacob Mack
Open Red Angus Heifers

Tower Hills Ranch
Bred Black Heifers (Sire; Registered Black Angus Bull)

Mark Thrower
Black Bred Heifers (South Dakota origin, bred to Gardiner Angus Bulls)

Kelly Cronkhite
Red Angus Females
3 in 1 (bred back to Red Angus Bulls, all calves have 1 round of shots, steers are knife cut)

Seth Michael
Heavy Bred Cows
Short Bred Cows
Open Cows and 2 calves
Black Pair

Kyle Warfield
Red Angus Pair

Brandon Farms
Heavy Bred Cows
Black, Red, Hereford, & Brangus
(Bred to Hereford or Black Angus Bulls)

Kirk & Annie Mason
Red Pairs
Bred Cows

Todd Welch
Black Cows
Older Black Cows
(originated out of Wyoming as heifers)

Tower Hills Ranch
Black Bred Cows (Sire; Registered Black Angus Bulls)

Jeremy Brooks
Bred Cows

Mark Wedel
3 in 1 Pairs
(All calves sired by Angus and Charolais)
Heavy Bred Cows
Short Bred Cows
2nd Trimester Black Bred Cows
Red Bred Cows
Charolais Bred Cows

Eddie Sheen

Theilen Farms
Bred Heifers
Heifer Pairs

Breeding Bullslocated in the 1 Alley

Warfield Angus
20 Purebred Angus Bulls
Sire information; AI sired by son of Gardiner Surefire and a son of Gardiner Predestined
Dam information; 5F56

Scheffler Cattle Company
6 Purebred Angus Bulls (2-3 year old virgin)
Sire information; Fink 1557 own son of S A V Final Answer
On September 9, 1019- bulls were given Cavalry 9, Triangle 10, Vibrin, Multimin 90, Injectable Cydectin)

Jacob Mack
2 Red Angus Bulls

Steve Ward/Brandon Pecha
2 Red Angus Bulls

Jackpot Cows
2 Short Bred Cows
10 Bred Cows (2-4 year olds, 7-8 months bred)
3 Short Bred Mixed Cows

Date: September 21, 2019
Contact: Enid Livestock Market
Phone Number: (580) 796-2185
Email Address:

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