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Friday, September 13th, 2019
All Classes
Starting at 8:00 am MDT with Weigh-ups

Breds &/or Pairs
Tim Losee 6 Blk/Bwf Hfrs, CF: Jan-Feb.
Tina Beecham 1 Jersey Cow w/Blk Angus Calf at side (300-350#) and Calf-hood Shots), 6 yr old, Bred to Blk Bull
OD Cattle Co. 1 Cow Pair

Hiser Ranch 8 Blk/Rd Hfrs, 850-965#
Dale Heinen 6 Mx Strs & Hfrs, 450-500#, Branding shots
Buffalo Grass Ranch 6 Mx Hfr & Bull Calves
Betty Muller 4 Blk/Rd Strs & Hfrs, 1000-1100#, Coming off grass, Hfr was Ran Open, Home Raised
Clear Creek Cattle 4 Mx Strs, 1100-1200#
Betty Mueller 4 Mx Strs & Hfrs, 1000#
Kruse Ranch 2 Corriente Str, All Natural
Mark Kersting 2 Blk Hfrs
Colt Roden/Taylor Rodeman 1 Str, 650#, Branding Shots, Pre-cond. Shots: Vista Once, Pasteurella

All Natural Weighups
Clear Creek Cattle 25 Char Bulls, 1500#
Kruse Ranch 2 Cows

C 3 Land & Livestock 55 Mx Cows, Exposed to Blk Angus Bull since 6/15
Pathfinder Cattle Co. 39 Mx Cows, Exposed
****2 Bulls
Bryan Palm 40 Red Cows
Shephard Farms 40 Mx Cows
Bill Larsen 30 Mx Cows
W B Ranch 20 Mx Cows
Hiser Ranch 10 Blk Hfretts
****5 Blk Cows
Two Creek Land & L/S 7 Red Bulls
Bill Debus 6 Blk Cows
Betty Mueller 6 Cows
Joan Neumiller 6 Mx Cows
Tim Lasee 5 Mx Hfrs, 800#
Falls Ranch 5 Blk Bulls
Heil Hat Creek 4 Blk Bulls
Matt & Jeana Allmaras 4 Mx Cows, Exposed
Kelly Artery 4 Bulls
Mark Kersting 4 Mx Cows
****1 Blk Bull
Kruse Ranch 2 Mx Bulls
****1 Cow
Harding & Kirkbride 3 Blk Bulls
Rod Vineyard 3 Blk/Bwf Hfretts, 2s coming 3 yr olds
Dale Heinen 2 Cows
Dan Nolan 1 Cow

Clear Creek Cattle Co. 10 Lambs
****2 Rams
Silvia McClure 2 Goats

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Date: September 13, 2019
Contact: Torrington Livestock Markets
Phone Number: (307) 532-3333
Email Address:

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