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Special Cow Sale
Starting at 11 a.m. check out our website at for a complete listing of cows.

Lots of fall bred cows 3 to older
Some fall bred heifers
Replacement heifers

Very nice set of cows. Some complete dispersals

Early Consignments for Special Cow Sale August 13th -- SALE STARTS AT 11 A.M.

Heifer Pairs
Jared Fries 13+13 Heifer pairs, black & red white face with big Angus calves, bred back

Bred Heifers
Harold Good 50 hfrs 60% red angus 40 % blk angus all 1 Iron, bred red angus, 1100# start Sept 20th most to calve in 40 days window
Doug Wewe 18 blk hfrs bred angus fall bred short calving period
Deann Ancell 6 black fall bred heifers home raised bred to lbw black bulls Dockweiler Angus Bull from Chadron, NE

Replacement Heifers
Stroberg Land and Cattle 20 open Angus heifers OCHV'd vacc

Cows/Cow Pairs
Lucky 7 Angus- complete dispersal 160 angus cows 4-8 yrs all raised calf every year bred reg angus start Sept 1 for 60 days, Wyo origin
Glennemeier/Dusin 110 mostly black cows, 4 to 10 years, bred to Shortop Charolais or Mill Creek Angus and Mill Creek Hereford, Calve Sept 5th for
COMPLETE DISPERSAL short period, all vacc, all raised calf last year
Ron Schernikau 33+3+3 black cows 3 to 5 years, heavy bred, Wyoming origin, bred to black bulls
7 Lakes Cattle 35 black cows, 3-5 years, heavy bred/bred Angus & Charolais
Bob Standish COMPLETE DISPERSAL 80 black cows, 4 years, bred Angus Spring bred, fancy & gentle
Al Dewitt 29 blk&red angus 2-6 yrs 3rd trimester bred red angus
Doug Wewe 35 Blk/BWF cows 5 years to broken, bulls in Dec 15 to April 15,bred to Militor and Stucky Angus
Ty Swiler 31 black cows 5 to 9 years, bred Angus, all 1 iron, all raised calf last year
Chad Bruhl 64 Blk/BWF fows 5 to 6 years, start Sept 15, bred Nelson Sim/Ang or Judd Ranch balancer, complete dispersal of fall herd, bought as 1st calf hfrs
GW Cattle 10+10 blk pairs 3 yrs old
GW Cattle 15+3 running age pairs & heavy bred
John Simpson 20+18 black and red angus pairs, 2nd calvers to solid mouth, black and red calves, worked
Eric Eilert 60 black fall bred cows 3 yrs old all coming with 2nd calf bred to Hanel blk simm/angus or char/angus bulls for 60 day calving period
4S Cattle 42+7 blk cows & pairs 4-6 yrs bred angus
Gary Holstein 18+18 Young pairs, calves 1-3 months
Gary Holstein 80 Black cows 3-5 years, bred Stevenson Basin Angus
Price Ranch 100 blk/bwf cows 7-8 yrs heavy bred bred Eby Simm/Angus
Randy Serrien 13 Black Cows, 4-8 years, Fall bred/bred Conneally Angus bulls
Dave Brass 24+3 blk cows 3-6 yrs bred blk
Arlyn &Brent Close 45 Black cows, 4-older, bred Char or Simm/Angus to start calving Sept. 9
Ron Keeler - Dispersal 20 Blk and BWF cows 3-5 years old home raised, bred to Black Balancer, Sept. 1 calvers
Mike Henry 16 running age cows bred red angus
Felbush Family Farms 14 bred cows 4-8 yrs
Nelson Brothers 6+6 Black pairs, 3-7 years old
Mario Regier 6+6 Younger cows with July calves
Mike Miller 6 Black cows 3-4 yrs bred angus
Jon Oden 4+4 mixed pairs
Tom Wikoff 3 bred cows, 6-older, bred to black bulls
Date: August 13, 2019
Contact: Farmers & Ranchers Livestock
Phone Number: (785) 825-0211
Email Address:

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