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Friday, July 12th, 2019
All Classes
Starting at 8:00 am MDT with Weigh-ups

Overland Ranch 25 Mx Cows, Young to SM
Ron Lerwick 20 Mx Cows, Mx Ages, CF: FAll
R & K Farms 16 Blk Cows, 9-10 yr olds, Bred to Blk Bulls (Running back with bulls for 40 days)
Twin Buttes 10 Blk Cows, Mx Ages, Bred to Blk Bulls
Tracy Terrill 7 Fancy Blk Hfr Pairs, Tagged to Match, High Elevation, Shots in Nov. on Hfrs: Vira Shield 6, Ultrabac 7, Wormed with Valbazen
M T Livestock 4 Mx Cows, Mx Ages, CF: Mx

Breeding Bulls
Shannon Bumguardner 3 Black Yearling Virgin Bulls, Sired by SAV Recharge, Fertility Tested, Pink Eye & Foot Rot Vaccinations

Kelley Cattle Co. 40 Mx Strs, 500-600#, Complete Vac. Program, Age & Source Tagged, No Implants, Home Raised, Green
Ryker Hyche 33 Mx Strs & Hfrs,
Overland Ranch 21 Mx Bull Calves, 500-550#, 2 Rounds of Shots, Weaned, Running out & Supplemented with Hay
****11 Mx Strs, 650-900#, Complete Vac. Program, Running out & Supplemented with Hay
Cambell Ranch 7 Longhorn Strs, 1125-1160#
David Hansen 7 Blk Hfrs, 950#, Guaranteed Open, Complete Vac. Program, Coming off grass, Home Raised
MT Livestock 2 Str/Hfr Calves
Dalton Keller 1 Blk Str

All Natural Weighups
Renegade Ranch 40 Mx Cows, Exposed since June 18th
Irwin Ranch 7 Mx Cows
S S Ranch 6 Mx Cows
Hairpin Ranch 3 Mx Cows
Eric Langseth 3 Mx Cows
Rosemarie Harding 2 Mx Bulls
Broken Box Ranch 1 Bull

Twin Buttes 170 Blk few Rd Cows/Hfretts
Kerbs Four Bar Ranch 70 Mx Cows/Hfretts/Bulls
Bootheel Seven 50 Mx Cows
Bob Swift 45 Mx Cows
John Eklund 40 Mx Cows/Hfretts
S & L Industries 33 Mx Cows
****5 Mx Bulls
Hester Farms 26 Mx Cows
True Ranches 23 Mx Cows
Kelley Land & Cattle 15 Mx Cows
Rosenbaum Livestock 15 Mx Cows/Hfretts
C & S Limmer Livestock 10 Mx Cows
Melanie & Darrell Brown 7 Mx Cows/Bull
Benjamin Warren 6 Mx Cows/Bull
R & K Farms 6 Blk Bulls
Ryker Hyche 6 Mx Cows
Jack Creek Land & Cattle 5 Blk Bulls
Brad & Tammie Neville 5 Mx Cows
Daniel Workman 4 Mx Cows/Bulls
Alvie Manning 4 Hereford Bulls
Von Forell Herefords 4 Mx Cows/Bull
Amy Cross 3 Blk Cows
Overland Ranch 3 Bulls, 1125#
Jamie Kimpotrich 3 Mx Cows
Middlebear Ranch 3 Red Bulls
Ron Lerwick 3 Bulls
Will Jurek 1 Cow

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Date: July 12, 2019
Contact: Torrington Livestock Markets
Phone Number: (307) 532-3333
Email Address:

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