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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 2019, @ 12:00 NOON

200 Blk/Rwf strs & G.O. hfrs (50% HR), 750-950# Clint Baumgartner
120 Mstly Blk strs, w & dbl v, 875-925# Harlan Jacobson/Sons
100 Mstly Blk strs, w & dbl v, 700-750# Bill Thome
80 Blk/Char G.O. hfrs, 850# Lee Ketteler
65 Blk strs, off grass, 900# Steve Lodge
21 Mstly Blk s&h, w & v, 350-600# K&M Cattle
8 Blk, open hfrs, 900# Dennis McKillip
6 Blk (RA) prs, w/ vac. calves Pat Sullivan
2 Blk Pairs RB Angus
2 Blk (SM) Sept. calving cows Tom/Nick/Scott Jarecki
Several sets of late and fall bred cows
3 Blk and rd baby calves Roger Rozeboom
Date: June 12, 2019
Contact: Albion Livestock
Phone Number: (402) 395-2188
Email Address:

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