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pair, bred cow, and feeder sale
WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 2019, @ 12:00 NOON

60 Blk fall (SM-RA) comp disp, bred Blk Bill Gasper Family
40 Bwf (1st calf hfr prs), one ranch, w/ 6-8 wk old calves Gerald Clinch
20 Blk summer (SM-RA) comp disp, bred Blk Bill Gasper Family
20 Blk/Bwf, 2nd-RA pairs, April/May calves Diamond C Land & Cattle
15 Blk summer (SM-RA), bred Blk Mike Zegers
15 Blk/Hereford, RA Pairs Tim Esch
11 Rd, RA pairs, 8 week old calves Seier Cattle Co.
9 Blk (RA) prs, com vac, 4-8 wk old calves Bill Root
6 Blk summer (SM-RA), bred Blk Dave Hilmer
5 Blk prs w/ 2 wk old CharX calves Russ Nelson
4 Blk fall (RA), bred Blk Mike Zegers
4 Blk (RA) prs, w/ 8 wk old calves Bill Gasper Family
2 Blk Ang yearling Breeding Bulls Randy Dodds

130 Blk/Rd/Char G.O. hfrs, w & dbl v, 850# Lee Ketteler
85 Blk & Rd R.Q. hfrs, w & dbl v, 750-825# Randall Smith
72 Mstly Blk G.O. hfrs, w & dbl v, 800-850# Randy/Brenda Pelster
47 Blk s&h, w & dbl v, 450-650# Bill Gasper Family
45 Blk/Bwf s&h, w & dbl v, 450-600# Zane Wondercheck Family
40 Blk strs, w & dbl v, 500-700# Keith Reed
35 Blk s&h, w & dbl v, 400-600# Greg/Ron Dozler
28 Blk/CharX s&h, w & dbl v, 675-850# Eugene Felber
26 Blk s&h, w & dbl v, 500-600# Joe Cook
20 Herf/Bwf s&h, w & dbl v, 400-500# T-J Wegner Farms
12 Blk, s&h, w & v. 300-400# Keith Hosher
10 Blk s&h, w & dbl v, 450-600# Tim Glesinger
5 Blk/Bwf hfrs, w & dbl v, 450# Eric Earl
2 Hol strs, w & dbl v, 300-350# Rob Miller

Date: May 15, 2019
Contact: Albion Livestock
Phone Number: (402) 395-2188
Email Address:

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