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Ft Pierre Livestock..Friday, August 23rd

Spring Pairs
George England Part. Disp, 20 Angus spring pairs (4-6s, mostly 5s) exp Ang - July 25th clvs worked & vacc- no brands

Ron & Faye Hoffman, 50 B,Bwf, few Red pairs (2-6s) exp Ang - June 10th

Ron & Faye Hoffman, 10 Herf pairs (3s) w/Bwf clvs-exp Ang - June 10th

Ron & Faye Hoffman, 15 B,Bwf pairs (SM-BM) exp Ang - June 10th

Leroy Sipes, 14 Blk & Red Spring pairs (2-5s) exp Ang - June 10th

Fall Clving Bred Cattle & Pairs
Forbes Ranch Fall Clving Disp, 35 Blk cows (3-6s, mostly 4 & 5s) bred Blk, clf now (few pairs)

Tom & Grant Toman Fall Clving Disp, 50 B,Bwf, few Red cows (3-BM) bred Char & Red, clf Sept 5th (60 days)

Allen & Baxter Badure Fall Clving Disp, 18 Red, few Blk (3-BM) bred Char,
clf Aug 27th (50 days)

Eric Iversen Fall Clving Disp, 12 HR Angus cows (3 & 4s) bred Angus, clf Sept 1st (45 days)

Leroy Sipes, 10 Blk & Red fall pairs (2, 3 & 4s)

Leroy Sipes, 14 Blk & Red cows (2, 3 & 4s) bred Blk & Red, clf now ( pairs)
Craig Hinman Fall Clving Disp, 11 Blk cows (3-7s) bred Ang & Herf, clf Sept 5th (60 days)

Plus more packages of drop in pairs & bred cattle.

Friday, Aug 30th Special Yrlg & Fall Clf Sale & Weighup Sale
Weighups 9 AM CT Clvs & Yrlgs 12 Noon CT

To All of the Sellers & Buyers - Thanks For Your Business!!!

Date: August 23, 2019
Contact: Ft Pierre Livestock Auction
Phone Number: (605) 223-2576
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