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Ft Pierre Livestock Broadcasting Live
Ft Pierre Livestock AuctionSaturday, April 20th

Several Baby Calves to be sold approximately 12:30

Craig Mowry Angus Bull Sale - 85 Ranch Raised Yrlgs - 1PM CT

Pairs & Bred Cattle
Jacob Reichert, 40 Blk hfr pairs (AId clvs out of OCC Ace)

Josh Odens Disp., 70 1st X Bwf pairs (3s) w/150-175# Mostly Char X clvs

Josh Odens Disp., 35 Red Angus pairs (3s) w/150-175# Charx & Red clvs

Lyle Long, 42 Red Ang hfr pairs, (AId Red Ang clvs out of Rebel)

Mark Hoover, 35 Blk hfr pairs w/ 50% AId clvs out of KM Broken Bow

Brandner Ranch, 5 Blk hfr pairs

Mark Hoover, 45 mostly HR Ang cows (7 & 8s, few older) bred Ang, clf 4-23

Brandner Ranch, 15 Blk hfrs, bred Blk, clf now

Bill Roadifer, 3 HR Blk cows (3-5s) bred Blk Ang, clf now

Good Ranch, 40 B,Bwf BM cows bred Blk, clf Aug 15th (60 days) to be sold in the weighups

Plus more pairs & bred cattle by sale day.

Keep supporting R-Calf. They are working for you. If you would like money held out of your check for R-Calf, just let the office know

To All of the Sellers & Buyers - Thanks For Your Business!!!

Happy Easter!!!

Date: April 20, 2019
Contact: Ft Pierre Livestock Auction
Phone Number: (605) 223-2576
Email Address:

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