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20 black calves, home raised, off cows, 650-700lbs
100 mixed steers & heifers, long weaned, off grass, 650-750lbs
70 mixed steers & heifers, home raised, long weaned, 600-650lbs
43 mixed steers & heifers, home raised, 650-750lbs
175 mixed steers & heifers, long weaned, 600-700lbs
40 mixed steers & heifers, 775-825lbs
20 mixed steers & heifers, 750-800lbs
150 black & red steers & heifers, home raised, off cows, shots, 700-750lbs
500 mixed heifers, off grass, 700-850lbs
100 mostly black heifers, off grass, 800-850lbs
230 mixed steers, off grass, 800-850lbs
1 load of mixed heifers, off grass, 775-825lbs
1 load of black steers, off brome, 875-925lbs
1 load of mixed steers, off grass, 800-850lbs
3 loads of mostly black steers, 950-1000lbs
Date: July 16, 2020
Contact: El Dorado Livestock Auction
Phone Number: (316) 320-3212
Email Address:

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