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KIMBALL LIVESTOCK EXCH LLC OR Find us on FB: Kimball Livestock Exchange LLC

Tues, March 19th-2019-11:30 am FEEDERS (No Weigh-ups)

**Coffee & Cookies provided by Farm Credit Services**

6 Black Baby Calves to sell prior to Feeder Cattle


NEIL/CLATE STEVENS 235 black steers 900-925#
130 black/bwf steers 850-900#
ROB SCHLECTER 260 black/few red steers 750-875#
SURAT FARMS 230 black/bwf steers & heifers 750-900#
SCOTT MEYER 194 black/bwf steers & heifers 675-850#
STEVE/BRIAN RODUNER 120 black/bwf BV heifers 700-800#
CRAIG NIGHTINGALE 105 black steers 775-975#
JAKE WALZ 90 black/bwf steers & heifers 750-900#
TRENT/TUCKER GREENE 83 black/red steers & heifers 500-650#
DENNIS BAADE 60 blk/bwf heifers 750-850#
20 blk/bwf steers 650-750#
SCHULTES RANCH 80 black/red heifers 600-700#
JAMES MCCORD 75 black steers 700-750#
MIKE ANGLIN 75 black/bwf steers 825-925#
ROBERT KUNZWEILER 70 charx steers & heifers 700-850#
DAN LAMMERS 60 black steers 800-900#
DOUG/PATTY KONECHNE 55 black/red steers & heifers 700-850#
LENNIS FAGERHAUG 50 black heifers 700-825#
LLOYD MEYER 40 charx steers & heifers 750-850#
KEVIN HOUSKA 30 black steers 750-850#
LUKE REINDL 30 black heifers 600-700#
BRAD LHOTAK 15 black/red heifers 500-600#
NOTTA LOTTA CATTLE 8 black BV heifers 725#

FRIDAY, March 22nd: 10:00 am Weigh-ups, 12:00 pm BREDS
Tues, March 26th: 10:30 am FEEDERS (No Weigh-ups) {Coffee/Cookies by Lads & Lassies 4-H Club}
FRIDAY, March 29th: 2:00 pm WEIGH-UP ONLY SALE
Tuesday, April 2nd: 10:30 am FEEDER CATTLE (No Weigh-ups)

BARN: 605-778-6211
Chad Heezen: Owner--605-870-0697
Wade Christensen: Owner--605-730-1801
Christi Christensen: Owner/Office Mgr--605-680-1536
Dick Deffenbaugh: Yard Mgr--605-680-1324
David Viereck: Fieldman--605-680-0386
Steve Chavez: Fieldman--605-860-0016
Lee Ness: Fieldman--605-680-2778
Paul Munsen: Fieldman--605-680-1450
Date: March 19, 2019
Contact: Kimball Livestock Exchange LLC
Phone Number: (605) 778-6211
Email Address:

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