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Bred hfr /cow sale
WED., FEBRUARY 20, 2019, @ 1:00 p.m.

30 Blk (1st calf hfrs), bred to Proven LBW Ang. Bulls,
to start Mar. 1 for 16 days Mark Kuchar
70 Blk Ang. (1st calf hfrs - RA), bred to High End Ang. Bulls,
to start Mar. 1 Scott Angus Cattle
40 Mstly Blk (few Rwf) (2nd - RA), complete disp, bred Blk,
to start Mar. 1 John/Susan Jarosz
29 Mstly Blk (few Rd & Char), (SM - SS), to start Mar. 5 Swede Nelson
17 Com.Dis. Blk 5th calf cows, Bred to RB Ang. Bulls Start Mar.1 for 75 days
Craig Seier
15 Mstly Blk (2nd - RA), spring disp, bred Blk
to start Mar. 15 Dennis/Zack Nelson
12 Rd/Rwf (RA), bred Rd, to start Mar. 10 John Harstick
10 Blk/Rd (2nd - 6th calf), bred Rd, to start Mar. 7 for 60 days
Todd Buettner
9 Blk fall pairs (SM - SS) Swede Nelson
3 Blk fall pairs, w/ Blk 350-400# calves John/Susan Jarosz
2 Blk/Herf (2nd - RA), bred Blk or Rd, to start in April Josh Sellin

expect our usual run of weigh-ups
Date: February 20, 2019
Contact: Albion Livestock
Phone Number: (402) 395-2188
Email Address:

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