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Bred Cow/Heifer, Dairy, Hay
Bred Beef, Dairy, Slaughter Cattle, Hay & Straw Sale

Sheldon, ND-100 Blk Bred Cows & Heifers-Due March/April

Kindred, ND-65 Red Bred Cows & Heifers-Due March/April

Deer Creek-Complete Dispersal of 40 Bred Beef Cows (31Blk, 9 Red) Bred Flying W
For March/April, V & P

Pequot Lakes-25 Fancy Blk & Bwf Bred Cows-Bred to Big Rok Bulls-Due March/April

Randall-Complete Disp of 20 Blk & Red SimAngus Bred Flying W, Due April 4th,
(7Hfrs, 13 Young Cows)

Red Lake Falls-16 Registered Hol Springer Heifers Due March

Carlos-15 Bred Cows, Due March/April

Deer Creek-15 Hol, HolX Springers V & P

Akeley Complete Dispersal-8 Red & Hereford Cows

Frazee-7 head (1-Hol Springer, 3 Hol Hfrs, 3-Nurse Cows Hol & Hol/Angus)

Audubon-4 Hol Bred Heifers 1200-1300lbs, Hol Bred-Due March

Deer Creek-2 Jersey/SwissX Breeding Bulls

Deer Creek-2 Hol Breeding Bulls

Pelican Rapids-2 Jersey Breeding Bulls

Kelliher-2 Hol Springers 3 Harvest Cows

McIntosh-1 Hol Springer Heifer-Due March-Bred Blk Angus


New York Mills-40 Big Square Alfalfa bales

Perham-78 3x3x8 Barley Straw Bales (delivery available)

Perham-30 Round Bales of Alfalfa

Perham-34 Round Bales of Alfalfa

Perham-60 Horse Quality Small Square Bales (sell any amount)

Wolf Lake-4th Crop Wrapped Alfalfa Grass-Dairy Quality (Fancy Hay) (sell any
amount up to 200 bales)

Hatton ND-100 5x6 Round Net Wrapped Alfalfa

Perham-Small Squares of Straw Bales (sell any amount up to 500bales)

Verndale-25 Small Square Alfalfa Bales, 3rd Crop, Stored Inside

Date: February 15, 2019
Contact: Perham Stockyards
Phone Number: (218) 346-3415
Email Address:

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