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Tuesday, February 12th Auction
Special Breeding Cattle Auction
9:00 a.m. Slaughter Cattle 12:00 Noon Breeding Cattle

127 Homeraised Blk & Bwf bred hfrs, (69 hd AId to Future Force; 50 hd Bred LBW Angus Bulls March 20th,
21 days; 8 hd April 10th, 21 days) Melvin Knox 402-336-7151
70 Complete Dispersion, Red & RWF cows bred Red Angus, Blk & BWF cows bred Angus, 5th calvers to
solids, calve March 10th, 60 days Jeff Reiser 402-340-6836
30 Blk & Bwf solid & broken mouth bred cows, bred Angus, calve March 15th, 60 days Jeff Hostert
16 Blk running age bred cows, bred Blk, calve March 1st, 60 days, scour boss 9, poured with Ivomec
Richard Kaup
12 Blk fall bred cows, bred Angus, calve Aug. 1st Harold Morgan
10 Blk 4th calvers, calve in March, 60 days Jon Ramm
Date: February 12, 2019
Contact: Atkinson Livestock Market
Phone Number: (402) 925-5141
Email Address:

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