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Bred Heifers & Cows, Weigh-ups
KIMBALL LIVESTOCK EXCH LLC OR Find us on FB: Kimball Livestock Exchange LLC

12:00 pm BREDS, Weigh-ups to follow

David Fremark 100 black hfrs AI bred Comrade x 2 days, calve 2/15
Harvey/Tony Tschetter 100 black heifers, calve 3/1 x 21 day calving period
bred to LBW Fulton Angus bulls (pelvic measured)
J&R Pazour 100 Red Angus heifers, calve 3/29 x 21 days
bred Grussing Red Angus or Bismark Blk Angus bulls
Gary Heezen 57 black heifers (pelvic measured)
bred to Jorgensen Angus, calve 3/25 x 60 days
Frank Bailey 31 black/bwf Homeraised heifers
AI or bull bred to LBW Angus, calve 3/10 x 37 days
Ron Steffen 13 Homeraised Red heifers bred Red Angus, calve 3/5
Rob Myers 2 bred Holstein heifers, calve in March

Ed Havlik 240 Angus 4-5 yo, calve 4/1 *Complete Dispersion*
bred to Angus x 60 days
Kroupa Ranch 35 F1 bwf 4-6 yo *Complete Dispersion of bwf*
bred to Kroupa Angus, calve 3/20 x 60 days
18 Angus 3-6 yo bred Angus, calve 3/20 x 60 days
12 Hereford 4-6 yo bred Angus, calve 3/20 x 60 days
James Anderson 55 black Solid Mouth 9-10 yo bred Black, calve 4/15
Kirby VanDerWerff 50 mostly black/few red 4-5 yo bred Black, calve 3/1
Jim Mathis 30 red/rwf 3-4 yo bred Red Angus, calve 3/15 x 60 days
14 Herf 3 yo bred Herf or Red Angus, calve 3/15 x 60 days
Joel Pribyl 35 black/bwf/cpl red 3-9 yo *Complete Dispersion*
bred Black, calve 4/15 x 45 days
Benda Ranch 25 black/bwf 3 yo to BM, calve 3/25
Randy McQueen 18 Angus BM bred Angus, calve 4/1 x 60 days
Tyler/John VanGorp 17 black/red 3 yo bred to Bruns bulls, calve 4/10 x 60 days
Lane Peterson 10 black/bwf 3-10 yo bred Black, calve 4/5-4/25
Ekstrum Farms 4 red SM to BM bred Red or Black, calve 4/20 x 30 days

Tuesday, January 15th: 10:30 am FEEDER CATTLE (No Weigh-ups)
FRIDAY, January 18th: 2:00 pm WEIGH-UP ONLY SALE
Tues, Jan 22nd: 10:30 am FEEDER CATTLE (No Weigh-ups) {Meal provided by Simmental Assoc}
FRIDAY, January 25th: 12 pm BREDS, Weigh-ups to follow
Tues, Jan 29th: 10:30 am FEEDER CATTLE (No Weigh-ups) {Coffee/Cookies by Dakotaland Feeds}

BARN: 605-778-6211
Chad Heezen: Owner--605-870-0697 Wade Christensen: Owner--605-730-1801
Christi Christensen: Owner/Office Mgr--605-680-1536 Dick Deffenbaugh: Yard Mgr--605-680-1324
David Viereck: Fieldman--605-680-0386 Steve Chavez: Fieldman--605-860-0016
Lee Ness: Fieldman--605-680-2778 Paul Munsen: Fieldman--605-680-1450
Date: January 11, 2019
Contact: Kimball Livestock Exchange LLC
Phone Number: (605) 778-6211
Email Address:

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