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Ft Pierre Livestock Auction..Saturday, Jan 19th

-----------BRED HFRS----------

Lindskov Ranch., 100 Ang hfrs, AId Ang LT Enterprise (1 day) clf 2-15

Tim & Steve Jackson, 90 PB Ang hfrs, bred Littau Ang,
clf 3-10 (40 days) Hfrs are Craig Mowry origin

Aaron & April McKnight, 30 Ang hfrs, 9 hd AId Ang (1 day) clf 3-8 & 21 hd,
bred Gameday sons, clf 3-28 (short intervals)

Ty Widman & Greg Smith, 45 B,Bwf hfrs, 30 hd AId to KG Solutions & Conneally
In Sure, clf 3-10 (10 days) 17 hd bred LBW Raven Ang, clf 3-20 (10 days)

Don Kemnitz Complete Disp, 25 HR Blk hfrs, bred LBW Ang, clf 3-15

Yackley Ranch, 13 HR Red Ang hfrs, bred LBW Gill Ang, clf 3-1 (31 days)

Dan Leuthold, 22 Ang hfrs, bred Right Answer sons, clf 2-15 (22 days)

ER Cons, 14 Blk hfrs, bred LBW Blk, clf 2-9 (15 days)

Bob Gravely, 4 HR Blk hfrs, bred Blk, clf 5-10 (45 days)

---------------BRED COWS------------

Don Kemnitz Complete Disp, 110 HR B,Bwf cows (coming 5s to BM) bred Ang, clf 3-28

Roger & Corey Fortune, 28 HR PB Ang cows (coming 3s) bred Lindskov Theil Char, clf 3-1 (21 days)

Scott Ranch, 80 Blk, few Bwf cows (60 hd coming 3s, & 20 hd coming 4s) bred Ang, clf 4-1

Aaron & April McKnight, 12 Ang cows (3s) bred Ang, clf 3-28 (60 days)
Plus, 6 Ang cows (3-8s) bred Ang, clf June 10th (15 days)

Justin Reiter, 18 Blk cows (coming 3s & 4s-Vermillion genetics) bred Blk, clf 2-15

Wade Parsons Disp of coming 8s & up, 94 Blk cows (coming 8s to 10s)
bred Stuber & Ochner Herf, clf 4-1 (60 days)

Schultes Ranch, 50 B,Bwf cows (coming 4s to BM) bred Ang clf 4-1

Jerry Bieber, 50 Blk cows (coming 4-7s) bred Ang, clf 5-1 (40 days)

Bob Gravely, 6 HR Blk cows (coming 3s to BM) bred Blk, clf 5-10 (45 days)

Rex Lower, 30 B,Bwf cows (SM-BM) bred Ang Final Answer sons, clf 4-5

Terry Olson, 8 Blk cows (3-9) bred Blk, clf 4-1

Plus more part loads & drop in bred cattle.

Friday, Jan 25th Big Special Calf, Yrlg & Replacement Hfr Sale
6000 to 6500 or more High Quality Clvs & Yrlgs 9:30 AM Clvs 10 AM CT (9 AM MT)

Saturday, Jan 26th Special Bred Cow & Hfr Sale & Weighup Sale

Friday & Saturday Feb 1st & 2nd No Sales _ Stockshow Week

Friday, Feb 8th - Special Grass, Feeder & Replacement Hfr Sale

Saturday, Feb 9th Special Bred Cow & Hfr Sale & Weighup Sale

Keep supporting R-Calf. They are working for you. If you would like money held out of your check for R-Calf, just let the office know
To All of the Sellers & Buyers - Thanks For Your Business!!!

For more information call:
Dennis Hanson Bryan Hanson Willie Cowan Sale Barn
605-223-2575 605-280-1283 605-280-1021 605-223-2576
or 1-800-280-7210 or visit our web site at
Sales broadcast on live bid format at

Date: January 19, 2019
Contact: Ft Pierre Livestock Auction
Phone Number: (605) 223-2576
Email Address:

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