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Bred Cows & Heifers
**11:30 AM TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12th, 2019 11:30 AM
J. UECKER: 84 F1 Baldy Heifers, Bred to Retzlaff Calving Ease Bulls
(60) Calf 3-8 for 17 days, (14) Calf 4-5 for 25 days, (5) Calf 4-22 for 5 days, &
(3) Calf 6-8 for 10 days, Vaccinated, Poured and Scour Program
M & T SMITH: 50 Black Home-raised Heifers, Bred to LBW Red Angus Bulls, Calf 3-1 for 60 days
A. LEADER: 20 Black Angus Heifers, Bred to Black Big River Ten X Bulls, Calf 3-10
E. HINES: 20 Black Angus Heifers, Out of Leader Angus Herd, Bred to LBW Angus Bulls, Calf 4-1
for 60 days, 1100-1200#
T. WIEBELHAUS: 13 Black Heifers, (6) AId to LBW Angus ABS Genetics, Calf 2-22 & (7) Bred to LBW
Registered Red Angus Bulls, Calf 3-22, Pelvic Measured, On Scour Program
M & N MILLER: 12 Black Angus Heifers, Bred to Really Windy Angus Bulls, Calf 3-01 for 20 days
ROCKING C RANCH: 25 Black Heifers, Bred to Sons of Connealy Irish, Pay Weight & Ten X, Calf 3-01
for 45 days
R. KOPECKY: 95 Black & a few BWF Mostly 2nd & 3rd Calf Cows, Bred to Schaff Genetics Angus Bulls,
Calf 3-1
R & C ACKLIE: 75 Black Solid Mouth to Running Age Cows, Bred Angus, Calf 3-2 for 60 days
E. MEYER: 52 Black & Char Angus X Running Age Cows, Bred Angus Calf 3-1, Complete Dispersal
H & J REEKER: 45 Black Angus 3rd Calf to Running Age Cows, Bred Angus Bulls, Calf 3-01, Comp. Disp.
G & T SCHINDLER: 45 Black & Baldy 3rd Calf to Running Age Cows, Bred Angus, Calf 3-15, Comp. Dispersal
K. STREICH: 35 Black & BWF Running Age Cows, Bred Angus or Simm-Angus, Calf 3-1
C. KIENOW: 30 Black Angus Running Age Cows, Bred Black or Red Angus, Calf 3-15
L & B WEICH: 25 Black, Baldy & a few Hereford Running Age Cows, Bred Black or Hereford, Calf 3-10
S. NELSON: 25 Black 2nd Calf Cows, Bred Angus, Calf 3-01 for 75 days
A. LEADER: 15 Black Angus Running Age Cows, Bred Angus, Calf 3-15
C & S SANDS: 9 BWF & RWF Cows, Bred Angus
February 19-26: Feeder Calf Sales
February 15th Sandy Acres Bull Sale
402-358-3449 Toll Free # 1-877-SALEBARN
Ryan Creamer 841-5693 Joel Kumm 992-0678 Dick Suhr 358-0269 Keith Saathoff 841-6795
Jamie Curtis 209-6107 Mark Herbolsheimer 649-9061 Harlan King 640-4774 Roger Freudenburg 750-4702
Date: February 12, 2019
Contact: Creighton Livestock Market
Phone Number: (402) 358-3449
Email Address:

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