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Special Stockcow and Bred Heifer Sale
Dispersion of 85 blk, bwf, Hereford cows, bred blk/Hereford , due April 1

40 blk hfrs, bred blk, due May/June
Dispersion red simm x - 28 cows, 6 heifers. Bred red due July 1. Heifers 30 day breeding, cows 45 days

Dispersion 200 blk cows-About 1/3 3rd to 4th calvers ( 70 head)
About 100 5 th calf ,About 30 6 th calf
Bred for April 10 calving
Bred to Spickler angus
And Daren Eli and TNT simentals
All easy calving
Pulled 0 calves last year
Date: February 18, 2019
Contact: Napoleon Livestock
Phone Number: (701) 754-2216
Email Address:

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