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Monday, February17th Weigh Ups 9 Feeder Special 12:00
Broadcasting live Feeder Calf Special. Expecting1000 hd

Cattle Sale 9:00 Feeder Calf Special at noon.

Vrtatko inc 275 Mainly black steers and heifers. Weaned and pc. 400-600#

Eirich Brothers 170 Red angus steers(95)and heifers(75) weanedPC HEIFERS are Bangs Vacc. 700#

Sedman Ranch 112 Angus angus x steers(71) and heifers(40)weaned since October 15 and given Vista Once sq, Vision 7 at branding and at weaning. They were poured with Decomax, Heifers are Bangs Vaccinated. They area BQA Certified Yard. 775-825#

Litzel Ranch 47 Angus steers. Pc. Weaned. 600#

Shoemaker Ranch 50 Angus angus x steers and heifers. 500-550#

Bryan Patrick 45 Angus angus x steers and heifers. Pc

Owen Walker 10 Angus angus x steers and heifers 500-600#

Anthony Staman 7 Angus angu s. Steers and heifers. 550#

Legacy of ;the Plains 4 Black Heifers 500# Weaned 10-3
Date: February 15, 2020
Contact: Platte Valley Livestock
Phone Number: (800) 873-7452
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