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Monday, September 23rd
Cattle Sale 9:00 Feeder Calf special 12:00
Advance consignments include:

Gerald and Kathy Griesse 130 Angus steers and heifers 900-1000#

Cushman Ranch 100 Angus heifers 925#

Joey Lissolom 34 Mixed heifers 600#

Roger McGowan 80 Angus angus x steers 850#

Vince Rafferty 80 Angus angus x heifers 725#

Joe Ferguson 95 Angus angus x heifers 675-725#

Gene Purdy 75 Ang Red Ang X steers 800#

Byron Miller 40 Angus heifers T/O

Santiago Ramos 60 Angus steers and heifers 500#

Ed and Tony Dentler 27 Angus steers(25) and heifers(2) 700-750#

Scott and Becky Potmesil 60 Angus steers 775#

Singleton Ranch 30 Angus angus X steers and heifers 600#

Dave Peterson 8 Angus angus X steers and heifers 800#

Claude Ryan 13 Angus angus X steers and heifers 450-500#
Plus pending consignments
Date: September 22, 2019
Contact: Platte Valley Livestock
Phone Number: (800) 873-7452
Email Address:

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