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Feeder Calf Special Only 10:00 Janauary 7th
Feeder Calf Special 10:00 am
Advance consignments include:

Larry Mann and Sons
1100 Angus Angus x Steers and Heifers PC 850-900#

Joe & Sara Nicklaus 235 Black BWF steers and heifers. They have had 7 Way and Bivashield at branding. They received 7 Way and Bovasheild One Shot snf poutrf on Frv 25th. The steers are knife cut and they all have been weaned 60 days. 650-700#

Cleve and David Wiggins 210 Angus angus X steers140 and Heifers(70) 775- 900#

Gifford Circle Diamond 175 Red Angus steers and heifers They have had Once Shot BVD nd Inforce 3, Safeguard o 11-11 and Pyramid 5 and Vision 7 12-15 625-650#

Bruce & Vicky Troester 150 Red Angus heifers PC 700#

Beeler and Flakus 80 Angus angus x Steers At branding they have 7 way Vision 7 with Spur and Inforce 3, modified Resp Viral. In the summer they had 7 Way with Haemopholis, virasheild 6 and Pulmoguard PHM 1 and this fall they had 7 way with Haemopholis, virasheild 6 and Pulmoguard PHM and the final shot were Virasheild 6, Ivomec and 7 Way with haemopholis

Ty McBride 150 Angus angus x steers and heifers 650-700#

Bryan Patrick 100 Black and Red Angus X steers and heifers PC 500-600#

Steve Fritzler 110 Angus angus X Steers and Heifers PC 650-700#

Larry and Allen Fiscus 85 Angus steers PC 7-800#

Litzel Ranch 50 Angus Angus x Heifers. Bangs Vaccinated PC 550#

Cliff Middleton 105 Angus angus X steers and heifers 650-700#

John Olivas 10 Angus angus x bulls and heifers 550#

Greg Hansen 14 Angus angus X heifers 600#

Harvey Reichert 24 Char angus Steers and Heifers . At branding they had Vision 7 Somnus and Titanium 5 + PHM. Weaned 10-1. nO IMPLANTS 650-700#

Davis Cattle Co 15 Hereford heifers They have had two rounds of shots and Bangs Vaccinated 550#

Owen Walker 10 Angus angus X Steers and Heifers 550-600#

Jeff Schledewitz 4 Angus angus x steers and heifers 500-600#L

Plus Pending Consignments
Date: January 4, 2019
Contact: Platte Valley Livestock
Phone Number: (800) 873-7452
Email Address:

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