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Special Stock Cow and Breeding Bull Sale
Wheeler and Sons Special Stock Cow Sale
Saturday, May 26, 2018
6:00 p.m.
Expecting 600 head of cow-calf pairs, bred cows, bred heifers and breeding bulls.
Bulls semen and trich tested prior to selling.

Klinksick Farms
2 ½ Red Angus-½ Lim. Bulls, 2 yrs., 1,700 lbs., gentle & fancy

Hilty Ranch
200 PB Angus Cows, 1,300 lbs., 6 yrs.-SS, bred 2nd to Blk Angus & Blk SimAngus for Sept. 1st calving. Most cows are A-I sired from Midland, In-Focus, Retail Product, New Design & Objective lines.
Very fancy set of cows, all shots, owner only selling as heifers have been retained, cows raised & been together since birth.

R-H Farm
32 Angus Cows, 3-4 yrs. with 32 Angus calves
4 Red Cows, 4 yrs., with 4 red calves
Good cows and good calves

Reynolds Farm
10 PB Angus Cows, 1,400 lbs., bred to Horned Hereford bull
9 Angus Cows, 1,350 lbs. with 9 Angus calves up to 400 lbs.
Very fancy set of gentle cows

Rector Farms
39 Blk & BWF hfs., 950 lbs., 21 mos., bred 2nd to Polled Hereford Journagen Ranch bulls. Heifers pelvic measured & had all shots. Outstanding set of hfs. born & raised on same farm.

Maggard Farms
2 Reg. Angus Cows, 1,350 lbs., 5-9 yrs.
6 Blk. & BWF Cows, 1,350 lbs., 5-9 yrs.
1 Reg. Horned Hereford Bull, 3 yrs.

Gull Farm
9 Black GelbviehX Cows, 2-6 yrs., with 9 calves up to 400 lbs. Cows all home-raised.
16 Mix Cows, 1,200 lbs., with calves or heavy springers, very good cows.

Cole Ranch
15 BWF & RWF Hfs., 1,000 lbs., 20 mos., 2nd period, had all shots, poured & pelvic measured. Excellent set of super gentle hfs. born & raised on same farm.
1 Reg. Blk Angus Bull, 2 ½ yrs., 1,600 lbs., calving ease bull

Mallicoat Farms
14 Hereford Cows, 5 yrs., 1,250 lbs., bred 2nd & 3rd to Angus bulls

Cossins Farms
30 CharX Cows, 3-6 yrs., 1,300 lbs., with 200 lb. Char calves, cows running back with Horned Hereford bull
Cows & calves all worked and gentle.

26 Angus hfs., 2 yrs., 700 lbs., open
17 Angus hfs., 2 yrs., 1,150 lbs., A-I bred to Angus bulls for Sept. 1st calving
56 Angus cows, 3-6 yrs., 1,300 lbs., most cows A-I bred to Angus bulls for Sept. 1st calving
16 Angus cows, 3-6 yrs. with calves up to 450 lbs.., cows bred 1st to Angus bulls
4 Angus bulls, 2 yrs., 1,350 lbs.
6 Angus bulls, 10 mos., 800 lbs.
Complete Dispersal, very fancy Angus cows with extensive A-I work

Next Special Stock Cow Sale Saturday, June 30, 2018 @ 6:00 p.m.
Date: May 26, 2018
Contact: Wheeler & Sons Livestock
Phone Number: (417) 646-8102
Email Address:

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