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Auction time is 1 PM. Thank you for being a part of CLM!
450-500HD Today

-Deer Creek, OK 75 Blk, Red, and Baldy S/H. Short wheat and dry wintered. Thin fleshed and excellent
quality. 2 Rds of All shots and LTW. 500-800#
-Manchester, OK 63 Blk, Baldy, Charx S/H. Off wheat. Moderate Flesh. Stratford Angus Sired. LTW, 2 rds of
3Shots. Fancy Kind. 650-900#
-Billings, OK 61 Blk, Baldy S/H. Short wheat in Moderate Flesh. Blubaugh Angus Sired. LTW with all shots.
-Wellington, KS 35 MX Colored S/H. Dry Wintered with Feed Supplement. #1 all the way through with lots of
Frame. LTW with all shots. 800-925#
-Bluff City, KS 49 Red Strs. Off wheat in Moderate Flesh. Excellent cattle. Home raised with Most AI Sired
by Red Angus Bulls. 650-900#
-Salt Fork, OK 21 BWF Strs. Dry Wintered. Thin Fleshed. LTW with shots. 500-600#
-Argonia, KS 40 to 50 Cows and Calves. Herd Dispersal. Santa Gertrudis and good cattle.
-Bluff City, KS 11 Blk Bull Calves, 400-700#, Off cows, thin flesh
-Renfrow, OK 20 Hereford Hfrs. Thin and Light, 300-450#
-Caldwell, KS 10 Blk Hfrs, Off Wheat, Home Raised 750-825#
-Caldwell, KS 41 Blk S/H. Off Wheat. Moderate Fleshed. Home raised Angus Cattle with Reputation
genetics. 500-800#
-Mulvane, KS 7 Rwf Strs. Dry Wintered and LTW. Thin Fleshed, Homeraised, Hereford Sired. 650-700#
Date: February 14, 2018
Contact: Caldwell Livestock Market
Phone Number: (620) 845-2191
Email Address:

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