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Perham, MN
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Ft Pierre Livestock Broadcasting Live
Ft Pierre Livestock Auction..Saturday, Feb 17th

Bred Cattle
Tom & Brandon LaRosh, 98 HR Ang hfrs, bred LBW Cedar Wind 1044 sons
78 hd clf 3-12 (20 days) 20 hd clf 4-2 (20 days) (Front End-AIT)

Leroy Boeckel Ang, 52 Ang hfrs, bred LBW Ang, clf 3-25 (25 days)

Aaron McKnight, 21 Ang hfrs, 10hd AId to Mile High (1 day) clf 3-10
Plus, 11 hd bred LBW Wilken Ang, Safeguard sons, clf 3-25 (3 days)

Leonard & Nathan Sell, 35 HR Ang hfrs, bred LBW Angus, clf 3-21
(21 days-cycle AIT)

Alex Heim, 19 Angus hfrs, bred Rausch Herford, clf 3-22 (14 days)
originated off Mark Reinhard Ranch (cycle AIT)

Dale McQuown, 4 Blk hfrs, bred Blk, clf in the next 10 days

Forsyth Ranch, 20 Red & Rwf hfrs, bred Blk Ang, clf 3-1 (60 days)

Forsyth Ranch, 120 Blk, Bwf, Red, Rwf & Herf cows (3-5s) bred Ang, clf 3-1 (70 days)

Hand Bros Age Disp, 200 HR Blk cows (7-10s) bred Ang, clf 4-1 (60 days)

Kost & Maher, 70 HR Ang cows, (SM-BM) bred Ang & Char, clf 3-20

Jeff Clement, 40 Blk cows (4-9s) bred Edgar Bros Angus, clf 3-28

Slaathaug Ranch, 30 HR B,Bwf BM cows, bred Blk, clf 3-25 (60 days)

Dusty Schultes, 45 Blk cows (3 to BM) bred Blk, clf 3-1

Ben Sharp, 10 HR Angus cows (4-10s) bred Angus, clf 3-15 (Triangle S genetics)

Southend Ranch, 20 Blk cows (SM-BM) bred Blk, clf 4-3

Colby Hannum, 15 Corriente cows (2 to 4s) bred Blk, clf 5-1

Plus several more packages & part loads of drop in bred cattle.

Friday, Feb 23rd Special Grass, Feeder & Replacement Hfr Sale
3500 to 4000 or more High Quality Cattle - 11 AM C.T. (10 AM M.T.)

Saturday, Feb 24th Special Bred Cow, Hfr Sale
Plus Noel Henriksen Red Angus Bull Sale 20 coming 2s

Friday, March 2nd Special Grass, Feeder & Replacement Hfr Sale

Saturday, March 3rd Special Bred Cow & Hfr & Weighup Sale
Plus Crow Timber Charolais Bull Sale

Keep supporting R-Calf. They are working for you. If you would like money held out of your check for R-Calf, just let the office know

To All of the Sellers & Buyers - Thanks For Your Business!!!

Date: February 17, 2018
Contact: Ft Pierre Livestock Auction
Phone Number: (605) 223-2576
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