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Ft Pierre Livestock Auction..Saturday, Jan 6th

Bred Cattle
Roth Bros, 167 PB Angus hfrs, bred Edgar Bros LBW Angus
102 hd clf 3-4 (10 days) 40 hd clf 3-25 (8 days) & 25 hd clf 4-3 (10 days)
(90 hd D Iversen/Sons origin & 77 hd Wilkenson Ang origin)

Lindskov Ranch, 95 Angus hfrs, AId LT Forefront 3287 (2 days) clf 2-10

Phil Taecker, 152 1st X Bwf hfrs, 94 hd AId Schiefelbein Effective & KG Justified,
(1day), clf 3-3, 58 hd bred Sitz Dash & Schiefelbein Effective sons, clf 3-15 (15 day intervals)

Rob Calkins, 144 HR B,Bwf hfrs, bred LBW Ma & Pa Ang, clf 3-15 (2-20 day intervals)

Jerry Amsler, 55 Ang hfrs (Fortner origin) AId Rock Mount, (1 day) clf 3-1

Greg Binger, 45 Red Ang hfrs, bred Red Ang, clf 2-25 (12 days)

Carson Carlisle, 10 HR Blk hfrs, bred LBW Schiefelbein, clf 3-24 (21 days )
(all bull bred hfrs in town)

Brad & Wayne Shouldis, 8 mostly Register Ang hfrs, bred Lapp Hereford,
few bred Angus, clf 4-1 (58 days)

Brad & Wayne Shouldis, 67 mostly Register Angus cows (coming 3s to SM, few BM) bred Lapp Hereford, few bred Angus, clf 4-1 (58 days)

Dean Moncur Age Disp, 145 HR Ang cows (6s coming 7s) bred Ang, clf 3-20

Kenny McNenny Estate Cow Disp, 50 Blk & 1st X Bwf, few Red cows (5 to BM)
bred Stout Char, few Ang, clf 3-10 (60 days)

John Birkeland, 36 Blk cows (mostly coming 9s) bred Blk, clf 4-1

Thomas & Aasby, 80 Blk (12 Bwf & Red) BM cows, bred Char, clf 4-1

Fauske Ranch, 30 HR Blk BM cows, bred Ang, clf 3-20

Matt & Dick Smith, 40 Blk cows (SM-BM) bred Ang, clf 3-20

Colby Hannum, 6 Blk & Red cows (5s & 6s) bred Blk, clf 3-20

Johnny Bergeson, 5 Red Ang BM cows, bred Red, clf 3-15 (60 days)

Shane Ludemann, 20 LH-Corriente X cows (hfrs to 5s) bred Corriente, clf 3-1

Plus more packages & part loads bred cattle by sale day.

Friday, Jan 12th Special Grass, Feeder & Replacement Hfr Sale
5500 to 6000 or more High Quality Cattle
Old crop yrlgs 9:30 AM CT Clvs 10 AM CT

Saturday, Jan 13th Special Bred Cow, Hfr Sale

Keep supporting R-Calf. They are working for you. If you would like money held out of your check for R-Calf, just let the office know

To All of the Sellers & Buyers - Thanks For Your Business!!!
Date: January 6, 2018
Contact: Ft Pierre Livestock Auction
Phone Number: (605) 223-2576
Email Address:

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