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Special Bred Cow & Heifer Auction

Lemke: 61 Red Ang Cows & Hfrs Complete Dispersal consisting of 50 cows 2nd to 5th calf & 11 1st calf hfrs bred to sons of Feddes Big Sky & Nexus out June 8th
Schiecke: 24 Blk 1st calf hfrs bred to Sullivan Ang bull out July 1st
Kiehne: 25 Blk cows bred to Blk Ang bulls
Knutson: 23 Blk cows all ages, bred to Blk bull due April
Massman: 17 Fancy Blk Ang hfrs bred to Midland Blk Ang bulls out May 31st
Wacholz: 16 Blk Cows 6-10yr olds bred to Blk bull out July 1st
Peter: 16 Red Ang cows bred to Schaefer Red Gelb Balancer bull
Herrick: 15 Blk Limo cows bred to Blk Ang bull due April-May
Abnet: 12 Blk Ang cows coming 4th calf bred to Skemp Blk Ang bull out July 4th
Hohmann: 10 Blk & Bwf Cows 4-7yr olds Bred to Blk bull due April-May. 5 Reg Blk & Blk Baldy hfrs AI bred to Augustis & Big Casino (Simmental) on July 5th
Mundt: 10 Blk & Bwf Cows 4-7yr olds bred blk due April-May
Bagniewski: 6 Blk & Bwf Cows 4-7yr olds bred Blk
Date: February 19, 2018
Contact: Lanesboro Sales Commission
Phone Number: (507) 467-2192
Email Address:

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