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Tuesday June 15, 2021
Arkansas Cattle Auction Co., LLC (Searcy, AR) - Broadcasting LIVE every Tuesday 1:00 pm
Atkinson Livestock Market (Atkinson, NE) - Regular Auction
Bloomington Livestock LLC (Bloomington, WI) - Slaughter Sale
Caldwell Livestock Market (Caldwell, KS) - REGULAR SALE
Creighton Livestock Market (Creighton, NE) - Cow-Calf Pairs
Fredonia Livestock Auction (Fredonia, KS) - Fredonia Livestock Auction Sale Info
Gordon Livestock Market (Gordon, NE) - Gordon Livestock Market Broadcasting Live
Heartland Regional Stockyards, Inc. (Plainville, KS) - Heartland Regional Stockyards Inc.
Huron Continental Marketing (Huron , SD) - Feeder Cattle Sale
Kimball Livestock Exchange LLC (Kimball, SD) - Breds & Fall Pairs, Weigh-ups
Kingsville Livestock Auction (Kingsville, MO) - Special Feeder Calf and Yearling
Menno Livestock Auction (Menno, SD) - REGULAR SALE evening sale 6:00 p.m.
North Platte Stockyards (North Platte, NE) - Tuesday Sale
Premier Livestock (Withee, WI) - Special Bred Beef Cow, Breeding Bull & Feeder Cattle Auction
Tri-State Livestock Exchange (Wray, CO) - NO SALE
Welch Stockyards LLC (Welch, OK) - Weekly Sale
Winter Livestock LaJunta, CO (LaJunta, CO) - ESTIMATE 1500 Winter Livestock. La Junta, CO Weekly Sale
Wednesday June 16, 2021
Bassett Livestock Auction (Bassett, NE) - No Sale Today
Centennial Livestock Auction Co. (Fort Collins, CO) - Sheep, Goats, Baby Calves, Hog & Horse Auction
Decorah Sales Commission (Decorah, IA) - Wednesday Feeder Auction
J.C. Livestock Sales Inc. (Junction City, KS) - Weekly Sale
Lanesboro Sales Commission (Lanesboro, MN) - Slaughter Cattle Auction
Ogallala Livestock Auction Market (Ogallala , NE) - Special Stockcow & Cow/Calf Pair Sale w/ Regular Sale
Platte Livestock Market (Platte, SD) - SPECIAL CALF & YEARLING SALE
Premier Livestock (Withee, WI) - Dairy Sale
Santa Teresa Livestock Auction (Santa Teresa, NM) - Wednesday Video Sale
Sidney Livestock Market Center (Sidney, MT) - Pair Special & All Class Cattle Sale
Tama Livestock Auction (Tama, IA) - Fat Cattle, Slaughter Cows and Bulls
Tri-County Stockyards (Motley, MN) - Sale Day at Tri-County Stockyards!
Western Livestock Auction (Great Falls, MT) - Western Livestock Auction Broadcasting Live
Winfield Livestock Auction Co, Inc (Winfield, KS) - Winfield Livestock Auction Broadcasting Live
Winter Livestock Dodge City (Dodge City, KS) - Winter Livestock Dodge City- Early Listings for 6/16/2021
Thursday June 17, 2021
Broken Bow Livestock (Broken Bow , NE) - ALL CLASS CATTLE AUCTION
El Dorado Livestock Auction (El Dorado, KS) - Livestock Auction
Farmers & Ranchers Livestock (Salina , KS) - Weekly Stocker Feeder Sale
Jordan Cattle Auction (San Saba, TX) - Jordan Cattle Auction - Female Consignments - Females will sell at approximately 12 Noon
Livestock Exchange (Brush, CO) - Combined Sale 9 AM / Pairs & Bred 1 PM
Mobridge Livestock Market (Mobridge, SD) - Mobridge Livestock Market: Weigh-ups 9am Followed by Feeders at 11. Bred Cattle & Pairs to Follow.
Napoleon Livestock (Napoleon, ND) - Grass and Feeder Cattle + Pairs and Breds
Newall Sheepyards (Newell, SD) - NEWELL SHEEP YARDS - REGULAR SHEEP SALE - Selling All Classes of Sheep & Goats
Pratt Livestock (Pratt , KS) - EARLY LISTING FOR THURSDAY
Wheeler Livestock Auction (Osceola, MO) - Weekly Feeder Sale
Friday June 18, 2021
Burwell Livestock Market (Burwell, NE) - ALL CLASS CATTLE AUCTION
Centennial Livestock Auction Co. (Fort Collins, CO) - Combined Feeder, Breeder & Slaughter Cattle Auction
Crawford Livestock Market (Crawford, NE) - NO SALE
Equity Cooperative - Monroe (Monroe, WI) - Feeder Cattle Sale
Ft Pierre Livestock Auction (Ft Pierre , SD) - Fort Pierre Livestock Broadcasting Live
Herreid Livestock Auction (Herreid, SD) - Regular Sale
Lanesboro Sales Commission (Lanesboro, MN) - Regular Livestock Auction
Producers Livestock Madera, CA (Madera, CA) - Butcher / Feeder Sale
St. Onge Livestock (St. Onge, SD) - ST ONGE LIVESTOCK - FALL BREDS & PAIR SPECIAL - Selling All Classes of Cattle
Torrington Livestock Markets (Torrington, WY) - Pairs/Feeders/All Classes
Winner Livestock Auction (Winner, SD) - Special Bred Cow/Hfr, Pair, Weigh-Up & Hay Sale
Saturday June 19, 2021
Ft Pierre Livestock Auction (Ft Pierre , SD) - Fort Pierre Livestock Broadcasting Live
Livestock Exchange (Brush, CO) - Hay Sale 10 AM
Santa Teresa Livestock Auction (Santa Teresa, NM) - Saturday Cattle Sale
Sunday June 20, 2021
Central Iowa Exchange (Aplington, IA) - Spring 2 Day Tack and Horse Auction with Colt Challenge Sale
Kingsville Livestock Auction (Kingsville, MO) - Special Cow Sale
Monday June 21, 2021
Callaway Livestock Center (Kingdom City, MO) - Feeder sale
Decorah Sales Commission (Decorah, IA) - Monday Market Cattle Auction
Equity Cooperative - Monroe (Monroe, WI) - Fed Cattle Sale
Tri-state Livestock Auction (McCook, NE) - Calf & Yearling Sale

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