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Bred Cows & Heifers
**11:30 AM TUESDAY, JANUARY 21st, 2020 11:30 AM
L. BORG: 140 Black Angus & F-1 Baldy Heifers, Western Nebraska Origin (80) AId to MSAR
High Five (50) Confirmed to be carrying Bull Calves & (30) with Heifer Calves, Confirmed to Calf 2-10 & (60) Bull Bred Heifers, Bred to High Five Son, Charlo or Black Berry Angus Bulls, to Calf 3-1 for 30 days, 1050-1100#, Scour Shot & Poured
T. KLUG: 40 Mostly Black Baldy Bred Heifers, Bred to Herb Angus Bulls, Calf 3-1 for 45 days,
1100#, Scour Program & Poured
C. ZIEGLER: 55 Black, Blk Baldy & a few Redneck 2nd to Running Age Cows, Bred Hereford, Calf 3-15,
Dispersal of Commercial Cows
B. REIMERS: 10 Black & Blk Baldy 3rd to 5th Calf Cows, Bred Angus, Calf 3-10
M. SANDS: 6 Black & BWF Running Age Cows, Bred Blk or Red Angus, Calf 4-13
SANDS LAND & CATTLE: 4 Black & BWF Short-term Cows, Bred Black, Calf 4-13
R & D HOFFMAN: 3 Black Young Cow-Calf Pairs
L. H. FISCHER: 3 Black Running Age Cows, Bred Black
January 28: Feeder Calf Sales
February 4-18-25: Feeder Calf Sales
February 11th: Bred Heifers & Cows
402-358-3449 Toll Free # 1-877-SALEBARN
Ryan Creamer 841-5693 Joel Kumm 992-0678 Dick Suhr 358-0269 Keith Saathoff 841-6795
Jamie Curtis 209-6107 Harlan King 640-4774 Mike Kumm 394-1118
Date: January 21, 2020
Contact: Creighton Livestock Market
Phone Number: (402) 358-3449
Email Address:

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