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Ft Pierre Livestock.Saturday, Nov 9th

Large run of weigh up cows, bulls & hfretts

Justin & Chris Weigle, 50 (mostly HR) Red Ang hfrs, bred LBW Red Ang, clf 3-12 (15 days)

Ron & Elaine Kleinsasser Partial Disp, 80 Blk, few Bwf cows (3-10s) bred Ang, clf 3-14 (cake broke)

Lee Davis Age Disp, 40 Ang cows (SM-BM) bred Ang, clf 3-15 (60 days)

David Collins, 35 Blk, few Bwf BM cows, Blk bred Hereford, Bwf bred Blk, clf 3-12

Jess Ducheneaux, 75 HR Blk BM cows, bred Ang, clf 4-5

Don Fish, 10 Blk cows (SM-BM) bred Blk, clf March 15th

Thomas Ranch, 10 B,Bwf & Wf cows (4 to 7s) bred Rausch Herf, clf 4-1 (plus 1 Blk pr)

Lon & Casey Peters, 16 Blk BM cows, bred Blk, clf 3-25 (60 days)

Ardie Petersen, 40 Red BM cows, exposed Red Lim, clf 3-25 (60 days) (to sell in weighups)

Plus more packages & part loads of drop in bred cattle.

Friday, Nov 15th - Special Calf & Yrlg Sale
10,000 or more High Quality Clvs & Yrlgs
Yrlgs 8 AM CT Clvs 10 AM CT

Saturday, Nov 16th Special Bred Cow & Hfr & Weighup Sale
Big Run Weighups 9 AM CT Bred Cattle 1 PM CT

Keep supporting R-Calf. They are working for you. If you would like money
held out of your check for R-Calf, just let the office know

To All of the Sellers & Buyers - Thanks For Your Business!!!

Date: November 9, 2019
Contact: Ft Pierre Livestock Auction
Phone Number: (605) 223-2576
Email Address:

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