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Bred Cow/ Feeder calf sale
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14, 2019, @ 12:00 NOON


45 Mstly Blk, s&h, home raised, 550-800# Roger Spulak
29 Blk/Rd strs, off grass, 575-650# Carl Sojka
26 Blk strs, w & dbl v, 750-800# Steve Lodge
16 Blk G.O. hfrs, 900# Dean Pelster
10 Blk G.O. hfrs, 900-1,000# Dave Figgner
6 Blk (1st - 4th calf) prs, w/ 1-6 wk old calves, not exposed Leo VanDeWalle
5 Blk s&h, w & dbl v, 600-800# Tom Leathers
28 Blk/Rd (1st calf - RA), calving now Curtis/Wes Wetovick
35 Blk/CharX prs to be split, calves are vac, 275-350# Justin Herbig
Date: August 14, 2019
Contact: Albion Livestock
Phone Number: (402) 395-2188
Email Address:

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