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Good morning from ELM!!! We are expecting a great run today with some superior quality cattle to offer.

1 Load STRS, off wheat, South Dakota origin. 950-1000#

1 Load STRS, off wheat, native. 925-950#

88 STRS, off wheat, black. 850#

150 STRS/HFRS, off wheat. 450-700#

24 HFRS, off wheat, Black. 825-850#

15 HFRS, off wheat. CharX. 800-825#

200 Grazing STRS 450-650#

150 Grazing HFRS 450-650#

100 MX calves

100+ Weigh cows and bulls

It is going to be a beautiful day here at Enid Livestock Market!! Come join us! Sale starts at noon!!
Date: April 25, 2019
Contact: Enid Livestock Market
Phone Number: (580) 796-2185
Email Address:

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