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FRIDAY, February 15th-2019
12:00 pm BREDS, Weigh-ups to follow

Harvey Tschetter 45 Black heifers bred Fulton Angus (pelvic measured)
calve 3/1 x 20 days
45 Bwf heifers bred Fulton Angus (pelvic measured)
calve 3/1 x 20 days
Pat Hoarty 80 Black heifers bred LBW Jorgensen Angus
calve 3/10 in two 20 day calving intervals
Konechne Ranch 31 Blk hfrs AI'd x1 day Pine View BoomTime, calve 3/10
40 Blk hfrs bred Graesser Bro Angus calve 3/25 x25 days
Rob Myers 2 Holstein heifers, calving soon

Cannon River Ranch 360 Angus fancy 3-4 yo bred to Oahe Dam 1/2 Bros.
Complete Dispersion calve 4/1 x 60 days
Cliff/Charlie Volek 100 Red/Black 5 yo to BM bred Sim/Sim X
calve 3/25
Bobby Kopfmann 100 Black 4 yo to BM bred Black
Complete Age Disp calve 3/20
Brian Kraus 100 Black 3 yo bred Black Angus Resource 1/2 Bros
calve 4/15 x 50 days
Schultes Ranch 70 Red/Black BM bred Black/Red
calve 3/10 x 60 days
Thomas Ranch 60 Black/Red 3-8 yo bred Black/Hereford
calve 3/25
Paul Kopfmann 35 Black/Red 3 yo to BM bred Red
Complete Dispersion calve 3/20
Christiansen Land & Cattle 35 Black/Bwf BM bred Black Angus
calve 4/1 x 50 days
Jim Ketelhut 20 Black SM - BM bred Black Simm
calve 3/15
Morris Creek Angus 15 Red/Rwf 3 yo to SM bred Red Angus
Mark Meier calve 3/20

Tuesday, February 19th: 10:30 am FEEDER CATTLE (No Weigh-ups) {Coffee/Cookies by Pharmco}
FRIDAY, February 22nd: 2:00 pm WEIGH-UP ONLY SALE
Tuesday, February 26th: 10:30 am FEEDER CATTLE (No Weigh-ups) {Coffee/Cookies by Kimball FFA}
FRIDAY, March 1st: 12:00 pm BRED HEIFERS/COWS, Weigh-ups to follow
Tuesday, March 5th: 10:30 am FEEDER CATTLE (No Weigh-ups) {Coffee/Cookies by Premier Equip}
FRIDAY, March 8th: 1:00 pm JLK SIMMENTAL BULL SALE, Bred Heifers/Cows & Weigh-ups to follow

BARN: 605-778-6211
Chad Heezen: Owner--605-870-0697
Wade Christensen: Owner--605-730-1801
Christi Christensen: Owner/Office Mgr--605-680-1536
Dick Deffenbaugh: Yard Mgr--605-680-1324
David Viereck: Fieldman--605-680-0386
Steve Chavez: Fieldman--605-860-0016
Lee Ness: Fieldman--605-680-2778
Paul Munsen: Fieldman--605-680-1450
Date: February 15, 2019
Contact: Kimball Livestock Exchange LLC
Phone Number: (605) 778-6211
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