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Friday,November 16h, 2018
All Classes
Starting at 8:00 am MDT with Weigh-ups

Mike Leroux 23 Registered Bred Cows, Bred to Van Newkirk and Haas Bulls, CF: March 1st, Shots: BoviShield Gold VL5, 8-way, ScourBoss 9, Poured with Dectomax
Diamond Land & Live 15 Cows, 5-6 yr olds, CF: June-July
Marcus Anderson 10 Mostly Blk ST Cows, Bred to Blk or Red Ang Bulls, CF: Feb 25 on, Complete Vac Program, BV, current on Shots,
Wayne or Karen Thornburg 9 ST Blk Cows, Bred to Darrell Wilkes Blk Bulls, CF: Apr 1- June 1, calves just sold, weighed 560-600#
Wanda Toombs 14 Bred Cows, SM-ST, Bred to Black G – H and Ken Haas Bulls, CF: April through June, Shots: VS6, VL5, and poured
Peterson Livestock 13 Blk Bred Cows, Bred to Blk Bulls, CF: April-June

JRB Inc 30 Blk, few Red Hfrs, PTO
Travis Krein 23 Blk Str Cvs, 350-600#, Weaned 45 days, 2 Rounds Shots
Falls Ranch 11 Corriente Hfrs
Peterson Livestock 10 Mxd Clvs
Slow & Easy Ranch 8 Mxd Clvs
Diamond Land & Livestock 5 Blk/Char Strs & Hfrs, 300#, Weaned since Mar
Jim Braun 9 Corriente Hfrs 5 Corriente X Strs
Skeleton Springs Ranch/Kelle Thar 2 Str Clvs, 1 Blk Hfr, 800#
Perry Widhalm 1 St Cf, 450#

All Natural Weighups
Larry Hume 20 Red & Blk Cows
Travis Krein 12 Blk Cows
Lee Wurdeman 9 Blk Cows
Milton Ranch 7 Blk Cows
Evan Snowberger 7 Blk Cows
John Grant 7 Cows

Jack Creek Land & Livestock 120 Cows
T Bench Land & Livestock 72 Blk/Bwf 1 Red Open & Cull Cows
Smith Sheep Co 62 Open & Exposed Cows
Diamond Land & Livestock 52 Open & Cull Cows,
Peterson Livestock 51 Mxd Cows
***1 Bull
T A Ranch 45 Blk/Red Cows
43 Ranch 40 Open Cows
Kelly Artery 40 Dry Cows
Smith Sheep Co 38 Open Cows
JRB Inc. 30 Cows, Mostly Blk
***2 Bulls
Matt Kay 26 Cows
Blackmore Ranch 25 Open Cows
Les Dunmire 25 Blk Bulls, 6 yr olds
Skeleton Springs Ranch/Kelle Thar 25 Open Cows
Bummer Ranch 25 Blk/Bwf Cows Mostly 2 yr olds
Slow & Easy Ranch 23 Cows
****2 Bulls
MW Ranches 16 Blk/Bwf Open Cows
Richard Tyner 13 Blk/Red Cows, Ultrasounded Open @ Ranch
Mike White 10 Blk Hftts
Mike Leroux 23 Open Cows
Sutherland Brothers 8 Red/Rwf Cows, Open & Culls
***1 Hereford Bull
Skelton Springs Ranch 7 Open Cows
Vernon Zook 5 Open Cows
Dirk Olsen 5 Hfrettes
Chris Lindt 2 Open Cows, Red, 1 with Shorthorn X, calf 300#, No Vac or Brand
Brent Mullock 1 Bull
Doug Dunlap 1 Bull
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Date: November 16, 2018
Contact: Torrington Livestock Markets
Phone Number: (307) 532-3333
Email Address:

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